How many reports on Instagram can delete an account

How many reports on Instagram can delete an account?

Have you ever wondered how many reports on Instagram can delete an account?

In this post, you will find out what it really takes to get an Instagram account deleted after you click on the report button.

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Facts about Instagram today

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking sites in the world and its popularity has also attracted scammers and spammers which has left so many people with the option of using the block or report button.

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Block Vs Report; Which option should I use on Instagram?

When you come in contact with a scammer on Instagram, you might be considering one of the above options “to block or to report” but in my opinion, the option you finally decide to go with should depend on few factors and they are;

  • To save yourself alone
  • save yourself and save others

To save yourself alone

If from the above option you decide to save yourself and let others take care of themselves, then your best option is to hit the block button and prevent further communication with the scammer or spammer.

save yourself and save others

If you wish to save yourself and save others from falling victim (I think is the right thing to do) then you are to use the report button. Now the problem with playing the hero here is, the scammer may not be deleted after your report which brings us to the title of this post How many reports on Instagram can delete an account?

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How Many Times Can I Report an Instagram Account for it to be Deleted?

Reporting an account is just one part of the coin and this part totally belongs to you but deleting an account is the other part of the coin which belongs to Instagram and they make the final decision.

Deleting an account does not depend on the number times you or other Instagram users report the account, rather it depends on if the reason violates Instagram terms and conditions.

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What Happens when I Click on Report on Instagram

When a user click’s on the report button on Instagram, it generally takes 24 hours or more to review a report and verify if the account you are marking as spam or inappropriate is really what you said it is.

After the verification, in most cases, the site send’s a warning message to the user about their termination policy. However, if the case is considered to violate the security policy, of the company, the account will be deleted even if its a single report(For new accounts, this is usually instantly).

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Note: It is important to make sure you report an account for a strong reason as Instagram will also check the account of the reporter.

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