Secrets Tips & Tricks for Web Browsers like Google Chrome

Google Chrome tips

Secrets Tips & Tricks for Web Browsers like Google Chrome

Web browsers are an important element these days. In order to get any type of info, we need to access the web browser. Each individual has a preference for a different browser. There are some browser myths which many users come across. Some of the well-known browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. You need to know about browser tips & tricks through this content.

browser tips & tricks

Tips and tricks for making use of browsers –

Firefox – the simple and easy browser

You have to click the icon in the upper right corner. You will see three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. Once you click you can get a general home page of the browser. You will get the option for typing address. Sometimes you may like to open multiple pages from a single browser. In that case, you have to right-click and choose the option.’ Open in a new tab. You can also save the names of items in the bookmark.

Chrome – popularity getting increasing day by day

Most of you are using the Chrome browser. Thus, Google Chrome tips are important to know. Once you observe the icon of Google Chrome, you must click it. Now, in the upper right corner, you will observe three horizontal bars. You will see the setting option in the left corner. You must look under the ‘on startup’. Now, you can set it through ‘set pages’ link. You can type more than one web addresses in it. Then click ok. Now, when you start up Chrome, you can get these important pages loaded as per your need.

Google Chrome tips

Zoom text tip – useful feature

Sometimes you would like to make your content bigger in size. This is the time you must require the zoom text option. There are some texts in web pages with very small fonts. These texts are very uncomfortable to read but, you can easily increase the size with the zoom text tips. You have to hold the Ctrl key and press the plus (+) key to increase the text size and make it easy to read.


Tips to restrict cookies as well as malware

Most of the time, the browsers catch your IP address and will spread cookies when you are working with another web page. This is very disturbing and insecure. But you can easily remove it in a chrome browser. Just click the google chrome icon and go to the right 3 dot vertical on the top upper right corner. Single click the option and see the option ‘new incognito window’ in the 3rd option. Click that and work on it. This will keep your computer safe and restrict malware and cookies. This is one of the great Google Chrome tricks and secrets you can use to stay secure online.


There are more tricks you can use to speed up your web browsing experience and enjoy a high level of security using your web browser even without having to install online security tools, to find this tricks, simply explore the settings menu of your favorite browser and try out the various options available. Don’t be afraid of changing the settings because you can always reset the settings by clicking on the default setting option if you experience an error.

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  1. You probably know you can drag tabs in and out of windows, but there’s also a lesser-known shortcut in the tab management family: Middle-clicking a tab’s title box (at the top of the browser window) will cause the tab to close.
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