How to Move Facebook Photos to Instagram

How to Move Facebook Photos to Instagram

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How to Move Facebook Photos to Instagram

As a Facebook user with multiple photos, you may want to move some of those pictures to Instagram and gain some popularity and this post how to move Facebook photos to Instagram will guide you on how to achieve it.

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How to Move Facebook Photos to Instagram

Before I continue, I will like to state that there is no official way of moving your Facebook photos to Instagram at the moment so the steps here are various ways I found to help you achieve your aim.

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The first method to move your Facebook photo to Instagram is to follow these steps;

Step 1: Download your photo from Facebook to your phone.
Step 2: Find a cloud storage service like (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc) and download the app to your phone.
Step 3: Launch your Instagram Application.
Step 4: Get the Upload feature and open your gallery from the Dropdown.
Step 5: Locate your Cloud storage app and find your Photos which you have downloaded into your app and select upload.
Congrats you have successfully moved your facebook pictures to Instagram.

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Move Facebook Photos to Instagram

Method 2:

Open your facebook account on your mobile phone and look for an arrow that says, share while on the Facebook Mobile App.

Click on it and you should be presented with a list of potential choices(Whatsapp, Skype etc). Choose Instagram and share then customize your photo from there.

You have successfully moved your photo to Instagram.

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