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Advertise on connects your brand with the best audience around the web. Our readers include; fresh graduates seeking employment, startup owners looking to grow their business and tech lovers looking for new tips. currently has an active growing audience of 1.2k likes on Facebook and our traffic base is over 7,00 to 1,000 daily views and over 30,000 monthly views and still counting with more posts making their way to the front page of major search engines.

So far, our highest daily page view is 53,000 in a day and 95% of our traffics are organic so you have no reason to worry.

Size of banner Ads Available on updatefly 

  • leaderboard (728×90)
  • square (250×250)
  • medium rectangle (300×250)

Placing Sponsored and Review Posts

There are two (2) options available for sponsored posts and these are;

  • You submit an already written quality article with no plagiarism and at most 2 links to a site.
  • You tell us what you want us to write about with the page to link to in the post (This will attract more charge).

Note: For Reviews, the product/ service will require some testing for a proper review to be written.


The cost of ads will be determined by duration and location of Ads for banner ads while the price of Sponsored posts and Reviews will be determined by the number of links(1 or 2), length of article and quality.

Please note: All prices are subject to review with time as we continue to grow daily.

For banner ads Please do state the size of banner you wish to place and the site URL you wish to link to in the message.

For Sponsored post, state number of words, site URL, preferred location and keyword/ phrase

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