Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Google Chrome is a highly productive, multi purpose and extension rich web browser. It has so much in a package that it can’t be called only a tool to visit web pages. So here’s a list of the best extensions that Google Chrome has to provide us within 2017:

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

1. Adblock Plus

The free plugin can block various kinds of ads, popups, pop under, etc. Adblock Plus is one of the most popular Chrome extension that enables you to clean your web pages from clumsy and unrequired ads everywhere on your page. It is an openly sourced extension that works as per the user’s requirements and also provides an impressive level of protection from tracking and malware.

uBlock Origin is also a Chrome extension that works in an almost similar format as Adblock Plus that blocks content that interrupts in the browsing path. It supports various host file-based filters and also uses less CPU memory.

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2. Hola Better Internet

Want to browse without revealing your identity? This Google Chrome extension will surely work as it helps you to hide your identity from the once searching for it. It also provides you additional surfing facilities not restricting it with your domain or geographical area due to not revealing your identity. Using Hola Better Internet is a simple task and provides internet connection that is stable and consumes fewer data.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

3. WOT

WOT allows the user to determine the trustworthiness of a site in a quicker manner. On clicking the WOT button during surfing we get two signals Green and Red according to the safety and integrity of the site and thus, we can decide if it is safe to use or not. In addition, we have options to write our own reviews about the site for future reference for us and others.

Click&Clean is also a similar functioning site that aims at privacy protection. It lets you analyze your web browsing activities to find out the characteristic and vulnerability of data.

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4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Controlling your personal computer through your smartphone is the advantage of the Chrome Remote Desktop plugin. Just like TeamViewer, once you have installed the necessary stuff, you can control your personal computer from your cell phones. Chrome cross-platform availability is the vital component being most efficiently used by this extension.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Google Chrome to Phone Extension is something working on a similar concept of linking the smartphone with computers. Through this, we can easily send information such as links, texts, maps, phone numbers, etc. from phone to computers or vice versa and just requires a basic installation procedure.

5. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is an impressive extension that brings corresponding subtitles/ lyrics when you watch a YouTube video. We also have custom operations for the lyrics shown to us on the screen like changing the font color or size, toggle with the lyrics showing feature and much more.

Musixmatch being for music lover Pixlr Editor is for the photo editors, which is easy yet worth applauding Photo editing extension.

6. ColorZilla

It is a similar activity extension for designers and developers who are acutely particular about the shades of colors. It is in an incredibly low size with being a color picker and gradient picker. It also holds a few developer-oriented features in it.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser that provides speed, accuracy, and updates in user’s comfort zone. Numerous extensions are out by Google Chrome in order to smoothen our surfing experience and at the same time secure us. The more we browse, the more this browser has for us.

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  1. My favourite is a 7 Times Faster. It’s a ad blocker. It can speed up your internet in 2 times. It’s a much more faster than AdBlock and AdBlocker Plus


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