12 Tips for better facebook group optimization


   12 Tips for better optimization of your Facebook group

It is the goal of every Facebook group admin to have a top performing and well optimized group with active and interactive users who will engage in discussions and contribute their own quarter to keep the group alive and active and also share the post with other friends who are not currently members of the group thereby converting them to members in time.

In this post, we will share 12 simple tips that will help every Facebook group admin to better increase the performance of  his/her group and make it a more interesting place to be.

    Tips to enhance your facebook group performance

  1. State in a clear sentence what the group is about; if possible include it in the group name.
  2. Give examples of what your Facebook group members can share using the right words.
  3. Take a timeout to welcome new members.
  4. Tell members to invite their friends.
  5. Share interesting contents from other sources.
  6. React and comment on members’ post.
  7. Tag members and friends to post.
  8. Ask questions and get responds from members about what they will love to see.
  9. Be active, check group regularly for messages and updates from members.
  10. Be creative, use the power of images.
  11. Take your time to create quality and interactive post.
  12. Use other hands, add active members as admin.

If you can implement the 12 points listed above, you group will receive more members and your existing group members will be converted to loyal friends. 



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