How to Score 250 and Above in Jamb 2019

How to Score 250 and Above in Jamb 2019
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How to Score 250 and Above in Jamb 2019

If you registered for jamb 2019/2020 and you have been preparing, then am sure your target is to score 200 and above and this guide on how to score 250 and above in Jamb 2019 is for you. Without wasting much of your time, let get started.

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Guideline on how to score above 200 in Jamb 2019

If you are among those who wish to score 250 and above in Jamb 2019, then follow these guidelines.

Guidelines to follow before the exam day

  • Read the novel (Sweet sixteen):

most jambits get their highest score in the jamb examination from English Language and this is because most candidates find it easy to understand the comprehension passages given in the exam and also some of the objective text are easy to guess but this score will increase even more if you take your time to study the novel at least 2 times before the exam day.

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  • Write the confusion out:

as you prepare for the examination, don’t just read, have a pen and paper to write out the things you don’t understand at that moment and revisit it when you are better relaxed irrespective of the subject.

  • Ask friends, family or your teacher:

before you go into the examination hall, you still have access to the helplines which include friends, family, and even teachers and any other person who you think or know is better in that subject. Don’t be a know it all because no one really knows it all.

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  • Consult the Internet:

all thanks to the internet, we all have access to millions of resources to leverage on and you are not exempted in fact the fact that you even saw this article means you are already enjoying the benefits of the Internet. So head out and type in your questions into the search bar and get answers.

  • Get familiar with the CBT software:

check your area for any computer center which has the CBT software and try your hands on it or if you already have a computer at home, download a trial version from here to get started. If you don’t have a computer but have an android phone, then head to play store and download CBT software.

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Guidelines to Follow on the examination day

  • Arrive at the venue on time:

being late to exam has a way of destabilizing you and also the invigilators sometimes can be really annoying and you would want to avoid all this at all cost and arriving at the venue early enough is a major way out.

  • Search your self before you enter the hall:

we sometimes forget our study materials in our pocket and no examiner will understand the phrase “am not using it” as a matter of fact, you may see yourself outside before you finish explaining so you really will want to avoid that grammar and time waste because the timer is really not your friend.

  • Understand the questions:

Don’t assume you know it till you double check; so take time to read the question and get it right.

  • Spend more time on your favorite subjects:

sometimes, is better to do what you are very sure of first before proceeding to the unknown. If you are good at English and you are able to score 80, then you are just 170 away from 250 and by the time you go through the second and third, at 70,45, 55 you already have 250.

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  • Check the system:

if you are allowed to seat in front of the computer a few minutes before the examination, try shaking the table, the monitor and even the system unit a little to know if it will go of this is because sometimes the power cables are not properly fixed so it goes off at every slight push and am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen when you start.

  • Don’t wait till the last minute to submit:

if you wait till the system logs you out, you can never be certain about what happens next so you will want to make sure you see the submitted message.

Bonus ways to Score 250 and above in Jamb 2019

Since you followed this article to the end, then here is your bonus.

Google “sweet sixteen summary” to get the summary of the jamb novel for 2019 and possible questions.

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