JAMB 2019: Questions Applicants Ask and Answers to Them

JAMB 2019

JAMB 2019: Questions Applicants Ask and Answers to Them

As Jamb 2019 registration commences on the 10th of January 2019, here are common questions applicants ask and answers to them.

Common Questions Applicants Ask Regarding Jamb Registration 2019 and Answers to Them

There are so many questions one would want to ask regarding the current jamb registration especially with the numerous changes Jamb clams to have made in the registration process and in this post, I will try to provide as many answers as I possibly can.

Note: Am not a Jamb official, I only provide these answers with information gathered from news sources and other online materials. 

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Questions you may have regarding Jamb 2019

When is Jamb Registration 2019 Starting?

As stated in my opening statement or introduction, the registration will commence on the 10th of January 2019 as stated by Jamb.

Where can I register for jamb

Before now, registration could be done in any cyber cafe but with recent developments, jamb has registered centers who have been licensed to conduct the registration to avoid mistakes. Check this list of Jamb accredited centers and locate the one close to you(the list is arranged in alphabetical order starting with Abia state).

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What are the Requirements for Jamb Registration?

The major requirements for the registration are your  O’level result grades, your personal details, and your thumbprint.

Jamb subject combination for Social Science, Engineering, Business Management, Law, Humanities etc…

To get the perfect jamb combination for any course you are applying for, it is important you go through the jamb brochure and check under the school you are applying for to see the combination they accept. Although, most schools accept the same combination for courses like Engineering which is usually Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry(English is a general paper) some schools may have an alternative option for some courses. You can check my previous post on Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) JAMB Subject Combination 2019/2020

When can I apply for Change of Course / Change of Institution?

You can apply for a change of course or institution after jamb registration closes. Note that this will attract an additional #2,500.

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How can I Create a Jamb Profile?

To create a jamb profile, you can visit the jamb official website on https://jamb.org.ng and click on create e-facility account/ login then click on signup on the page that opens.

How to Create Profile on Phone using SMS

Send your Name in this format; [Surname First-name Middle-Name] to 55019, an access code will be sent to you which you can use to make e-payment(Keep the code safe because you will need it to complete your registration).

2019 ePIN Payment Process by Candidates

You are to use a single phone number for all registrations throughout the process.

To start your e-pin payment process, send your name  [Surname, First Name & Middle Name (if any)] by text (SMS) to 55019. This is a maximum of 38 characters + 2 spaces between names = 40 characters in all.

Note: You can’t use one phone number for two candidates.

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How Can I Correct my Name in e-pin payment?

To make changes in your name, send SMS in this format [CORRECT Surname First-name Middle-Name] to

How Can I Retrieve my profile code?

If you lost your profile access code, then send SMS in this format “Resend to 55019” to retrieve your profile code.

How to Retrieve your Jamb e-Pin

To retrieve a lost e-pin, simply send SMS using the same phone number using this format “UTMEPIN or DEPIN” to 55019

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Jamb IBASS App

The jamb IBASS app is an app which contains jamb syllabus and the app has the ability to match your institution of choice base on your jamb profile. You can download the app from play store using this link jamb IBASS

When is Jamb Registration Closing?

The exact date for the close of jamb registration is not given, however, the registration is expected to close in the month of March.

I have provided all the questions and answers which I can think of at the moment if you have further questions please use the comment box and I will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

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