Jumia Smart Watch Buyers Guide

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Jumia Smart Watch Buyers Guide

This buyers guide to Jumia smart watch will guild you on how to make a good choice of a smartwatch with quality and price in mind.

Buying a smartwatch from Jumia

Jumia Smartwatch collections have a list of the finest and amazing smart watches that fits your style and taste. Although there are so many high-quality smart watches listed on jumia, it is also important to note that some of these Smart Watch is of low quality and can’t last for six months which is why you have to follow this guide to find some good quality smartwatch.

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Smart Watch
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Buying your First Smart Watch and What you should know

There are multiple types of smartwatch on jumia market, while some may look alike, they are all not of the same quality and price.

While Some smartwatch has complete features of an Android smartphone with built-in browsers, WhatsApp and other functional features, others have the same features listed but none fictional. A very good example is the images shown here.

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How to identify a High-quality Smart watches on Jumia

If you are looking for a high-quality smartwatch, the first thing to note is the price is always higher compared to other low-quality smartwatches.

Jumia Smart Watch
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Another factor to note is the availability of an operating system. In a high-quality smartwatch, you will always find the android version installed on the match listed in the specification section and this usually ranges from android 4.0 to android 9.0 depending on the year the watch was built.

Functionality difference – high-quality smartwatch will always have listed and functional apps installed this include browser, motion dictator apps for sports, body temperature watch etc

Memory size- most high-quality smartwatch comes with internal memory including RAM and ROM which can be a minimum of 512 RAM and 1GM ROM and above depending on the model.

Presence of WiFi feature some high-quality smart watch gadgets has WiFi ability to enable share network from your smartphone or any other WiFi-enabled device to the watch.

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Where to Look to determine if a Smartwatch is of High quality or not

Generally, the only to find out if a smartwatch is of quality or not while buying it online is to carefully look at the product specification list. This can be found by clicking on the product and screwing below the image to the section written specification

Price of Smart Watch on Jumia

As I already stated above, the price of a smart watch is usually determined by its functions or quality. While some smart watch sells for as low as #4,000 others sell for #20,000 and as much as #90,000 some examples are as listed here.

In my experience as a seller and a user of this product, both low-quality smartwatch and high-quality smartwatch has the ability to receive and make calls using the watch directly or using Bluetooth and they always have a camera.

Smart Watch
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Final words

If your intention is to buy your smart watch once and for all without a plan to spend on a similar product in the nearest future, you may want to buy a high definition smartwatch with water resistance feature and all the other quality features listed above.

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