P-yes Recruitment 2019/2020 Registration Form Available Here | See 5 Things you must Have for Successful Application

P-yes Recruitment 2019

P-yes Recruitment 2019/2020 Registration Form Available Here | See 5 Things you must have for Successful Application

P-yes Recruitment 2019 Registration Form is Available Here here are the five major things you should have to get started with your application.

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Get the Skill to get the Job

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme(P-YES) is a new opportunity for every Nigerian youth who wish to get empowered with technical skill. Read all the requirements and how to apply here

P-YES what it is, Application Guideline, and Requirements

5 Things you must have for Successful P-yes Application

I hope you have carefully read the requirements listed on the link above, if you haven’t, do so now and continue with this.

P-yes Recruitment 2019/2020

  1. You will need a very functional email  and a phone to enable you to receive your access code(The access code is a 5 digit authentication code that gives you access to your P-yes registration portal)
  2. You must have a valid ID(National ID, International passport or PVC) and also provide two guarantors including their address, phone number and your relationship with such persons (brother, sister, mother father etc)
  3. You will need to know your BVN and bank name to complete the application(Dail *565*0# on your phone registered with your account to retrieve your BVN.
  4. You must know the ward your community falls under to complete the application( Use this link to find the list of wards in your local government)
  5. You must provide one person in your community who you can train after learning the skill. This includes the person’s personal means of identification(National ID, International passport or PVC). The person must also be trainable and willing to learn the skill.

The P-YES registration form is a 5 step form which requires the things listed above and a final manual form to be signed by a religious or community leader. You will see on the link given to download the form in my previous post Start Registration For P-YES Programme Portal – Apply Now

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