Diamond mobile banking – How it works

Diamond Mobile Banking

Diamond mobile banking – How it works

Mobile banking is the real deal of the day as more and more people link up with mobile devices to carry out different activities from social media to job hunting and banking activities which is where the diamond mobile banking comes into play.

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Just like most financial institutions today, diamond bank have also launched their own diamond mobile banking platform which is making wave among millennials and older generations alike.

Before we proceed to the topic of the day which is Diamond mobile banking – How it works, let get a little knowledge of what mobile banking is all about.

What is mobile banking

Mobile banking in very simple, straightforward terms means carrying out regular bank operations such as inter-bank transfer, checking of an account balance, making of payments, cardless withdrawers etc through a mobile phone.

Now to the topic of today;

Diamond mobile banking – How it works

The diamond bank mobile banking platform can help you do all the above-mentioned things and even much more.

The diamond mobile banking platform works in two different ways namely, through USSD code and through Diamond mobile app.
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Diamond mobile banking- USSD

The diamond mobile banking USSD code is a service introduced by the diamond bank to enable none smartphone users (customers) to carry out various banking transactions with there gsm enabled smartphone without buying data(MB). With this feature, a customer can do bank transfers, pay utility bills, recharge your phones and even buy data for your smartphones. To do a USSD transfer with diamond mobile banking, simply dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin# (Follow this example *710*777*134567890*10000*1234#)

Diamond mobile banking- Mobile APP

Unlike the diamond mobile banking USSD code option, here a diamond bank customer needs a smartphone running an Android or iSO operating system to download and install the diamond bank mobile app to carry out banking operations without going to the bank. With the diamond bank mobile app installed your smartphone, you can do all the already mentioned operations and also apply for your ATM card on the go without visiting the bank. You can equally carry out cardless withdrawer on various diamond bank ATMs within the country.

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You can download the diamond bank mobile app from Google play store or download diamond bank mobile app with this link.

Finally, it is important to adapt to this moving trend in the mobile industry and the faster you do that the better.

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