Laptop Power Bank and Why is a Must Have for Every Laptop User


Laptop Power Bank and Why is a Must Have for Every Laptop User

Do you own a Laptop? If yes then you need a laptop power Bank to save you the endless quest for electricity in Nigeria today and the cost of buying fuel daily.

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What You Should Know

A laptop power bank or external battery as the name implies is a just like a regular phone power bank but designed with bigger capacity and power and can also last longer than most power banks found in the market today.

portable laptop power bank
portable laptop power bank 15000MAH ₦ 21,600

How Long Does it Last?

In my experience as a daily user, the lasting strength of an external battery depends on the MAh of the said power bank and how long you have used it. Most laptop power banks can last as long as 8 to 10 hours if used directly without a battery installed on your laptop and it can also last longer if you only use it to charge your PC battery to full capacity and unplug.

Laptop Power Bank
Romoss 15,600mAh Sofun 6 Laptop Power Bank

Types of Laptop Powerbank

portable laptop powerbank/ None portable laptop powerbank

Although the aim of buying a power bank for your laptop is to have an alternative power source, it is also important to know that there are different types of laptop battery bank in the market and they vary base on capacity, shape, and size. Why there are some as big as half of a UPS, there are other smaller(portable laptop power bank) and very handy version just two times(2X) the size of a dell charger or less. In all, the size depends on the number of cells inside the pack.

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What Type of Laptop Power bank Should I buy?

The type or size of power bank you should buy largely depends on;

  1. How many extra hours you want to work after the power goes off.
  2. If you need something very handy or a bit bulky

Although I picked the size half the size of a UPS, that is because my work online requires longer hours and I don’t really mind carrying it along in a bag while going out. But a friend who loves easy life prefer the one 2x the size of a dell charger but they certainly don’t last for the same number of hours.

Laptop Powerbank
CT Laptop Powerbank – 105,600mAh #34,000

Where Can I Buy A Portable Laptop power bank?

I have included some links in this post to Jumia and Konga shops who currently sell the product and you can get yours from either of them.

Note: I may get a small commission if you order the product but this post is not written just for promotion purpose rather give you a guide on how to save more.

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How much is Laptop Power Bank?

The price of the power banks depends on your choice. The price range from #22,000 to #38,000 depending on the store and the time you choose to place your order.

power bank for laptop and mobile

One good thing about most laptop external battery or power bank is that you can also use them to charge both your mobile phone and laptop, therefore, it can be said to serve multi-purpose.

Final words

I personally use the power bank which I bought from Konga in 2017 and am even using it now to power my laptop and it still lasts for 8 hours and above.

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