West African Examinations Council: How to Check WAEC GCE Result 2017

West African Examinations Council: How to Check WAEC GCE Result 2017

West African Examinations Council: How to Check WAEC GCE Result 2017

This is to inform the public and all candidates who sat for the West African Examinations Council exams November/December barge (WAEC GCE) 2017 that the council has released the result and all candidates are advised to check their result using the WAEC result checker website.

How to Check WAEC GCE Result 2017

To check your WAEC GCE result 2017, follow this simple steps;

Step 1. Go to the WAEC result checker website using your smartphone or computer and enter www.waecdirect.org  on your browser address bar.

Step 2. At the left-hand side of the website, you will see “Home” just below that, you will see Examination Number, enter your 10 digit examination number (this is the combination of your center number which is 7 digits and 3 digits of your seat number).

Step 3. Select examination year( This should be 2017).

Step 4. Select the type of examination(Select “Private candidates results” since you are checking GCE)

Step 4. Enter your scratch card serial number( this is written on the back of your scratch card.

Step 5. Enter your pin number( This is the pin covered with a silver seal)

step 6. Click on the submit button to see your WAEC GCE result.

Finally, you have to print your result by clicking on the small printer icon beneath the result. The printer icon can also be used to save your result as a PDF document for later printing if you are using a Google Chrome browser.

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How to Buy Waec Result Checker Scratch Card Online

After the release of Waec result every year, it is usually difficult to see waec scratchcard in stores because of the high demand for the card and even when you manage to see one the price is almost doubled because of the increase in demand this has become a problem to most candidates which is why we decided to add this extra steps on how to buy waec scratch cards online.

Follow this simple steps to buy your waec scratch card online.

Step 1. Go to www.resultcheckers.com

Step 2. Create a free account on the website

Step 3. Fund the account using your ATM or mobile banking app or go to the bank and make a bank deposit to the account number you will see on the site.

Step 4. Select the card you want to buy(Waec or Neco Card)

Step 5. A pin will be given to you with the serial number which you can then use to check your result.

If you followed the above steps carefully, you will be able to check your waec results without looking for where to buy waec scratch card.

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