How to get started making money on YouTube

How to get started making money on YouTube

How to get started making money on YouTube


If you are an Internet user or Net-enabled Mobile user, it means you must know about YouTube, Because YouTube is one of the most popular sites for entertainment; from listening to music, watching Video as per choice, Want to upload some Video or want to Download own favorite Video YouTube is the number one choice destination of most entertainment lovers. – One solution with the easiest way i.e. – But why don’t you think about earning when using this site making money on YouTube, yes it’s the best way to make money from YouTube. Just have to be aware of that. Just as YouTube is the number one choice destination of entertainment lovers, YouTube is also a best online earning option.

How to get started making money on YouTube

Just have to be on YouTube to get paid, having some little video with original content to make money on YouTube, without any investment, No domain and hosting charged. YouTube simply allows you to earn comfortable with zero investment. As a beginner, How to make money on YouTube is a big question which is why we have put together this post so we can have some discussion on how to get paid on YouTube. As –

May be possible to earn on YouTube from starting days

Yes, you can earn from the beginning on YouTube if your video content is very interesting and eye catching.

You have to simply create YouTube account and upload any video which does not violate AdSense term and condition, ( Read carefully of AdSense Rules on Google page), Video can be on any topic like your tour’s, Any tips to making some delicious dishes, whatever you can.

Getting Approval via YouTube is easy:

You might we aware that getting AdSense approval for any account is not so easy to monetize but via YouTube is easy to get approval because the function is different from other Adsense for blog account and other programs that allow the use of this revenue sharing platform from Google. To get approved, you just have to fulfill the given criteria there then you must get approval for YouTube account. Vis YouTube URL.

How to get started making money on YouTube

Attract big audience on YouTube and it’s itself a ready-made platform.

Once Video is uploaded then it’s now available for millions of visitors who use YouTube, But your Video must be Interesting, Catchy, having Best Keywords to help search engine to filter.

How do YouTuber get paid?

There lots of people who earn very smart with YouTube, Some artist earning more than $2000 per day, weekly or more on monthly basis through their own YouTube video. A different way to earn money through YouTube. The most Common ways to earn money through YouTube are –

Through Google AdSense:

You have to create a channel on YouTube then monetization is required with AdSense. After monetizing your video with AdSense, Adsense will show/display some ads on your Video then on every click on the ad you can earn money.

make money on Youtube

Another way to make money on Youtube outside Adsense is

Search for Good Sponsors for videos:

In order to make effective use of this method, first, you have to make your channel very popular and establish some connection with users through feedback, then you get individuals or organisations who have products or services related to the videos to sponsor these videos, they can pay you to integrate their ads at start or end of the Video. And if the channel gets pauperized then huge earning will come from this method and you will also get more request from other films and individuals.

Use Affiliate Marketing on your YouTube Video:

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s product/ services to earn a certain percent at the end of the sales.

If you get successful in making money with YouTube using the affiliate marketing method, you will find it easy to make money on YouTube because through this method you will earn a good sum of money in short time, Just keep in mind that you have to pick the right product, then make a video around the same product and put a link to the sales page of the product in the description section of your YouTube video after uploading and with this, the Company pays you on every sale. The payout for such affiliate products varies and is very nice (Pay percentage of selling price up to 10 to 20 % and even 50 % depending on products).

Earn through Donations on YouTube

Just like in other methods listed above, you can simply earn some money on YouTube by accepting donations from your views and subscribers without having to go through any extra stress.

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Other ways to earn through YouTube include

  • Offering Paid Subscription on some videos hosted on YouTube
  • Giving out coupons to some Affiliate Products and
  • Running Membership Channels with monthly recurring subscriptions.

With the above information, you may have already made your choice of options on how to make money on youtube, but it is important to note some key things as you journey into making money through your videos on Youtube.

Some Points to note before trying to make money on Youtube

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  • Just have to create a Google account first, Through the same account create a YouTube channel when creating a channel, use Keywords related to the videos you plan to upload to the channel.
  • Try as much as you can to use a username that is easy to remember such that your audience can remember you, If possible also use username related to your content.
  • Your Channel shows your presence on YouTube. Each YouTube account have attached channel with them, and your YouTube account is same as your Google Account, through which you access other products from Google like Gmail, Google drive etc.
  • A good Channel should have a well-designed channel Art; this is a picture that displays at the top of your YouTube channel and is usually noticed by visitors to your channel which makes it very important to have a well looking 2560 x 1440 pixel image with quality design at the top of your YouTube Channel.
  • To run other Monetization options listed, you should enable the monetization option on your channel and activate Adsense.

As you begin to upload your videos on YouTube in other to make money through them as time goes on, it is very important that you maintain a quality standard for every video you produce. Just like in most new businesses, don’t expect to be a pro with the first video but keep posting and try your best through the best camera with best voice recognizer to produce good video quality. Only aim to attract audience and eye capturing contents.

The more audience you gain the better your income so you have to keep your mind focused on your target audience and how well they interact with the video because this will determine your success in this business.

Always remember to monetize your video, through YouTube Channel – chose the advance setting and video manager where just enable monetization option. As per audience visited you start earning.

Summary: How to make money on YouTube:-

  • Just Chose a Google account first. (Same account as usually used for other product of Google.)
  • Create YouTube Channel. (When creating channel must use of Keywords)
  • Chose the Content on which you make a video. (As per Keyword’s because it helps search engine to prompt your channel and video on top)
  • Create Video according to your content, and Keywords. (With high quality)
  • Now Upload video at YouTube (Don’t forget to Monetization after that).
  • Now you are ready to earn through YouTube (Welcome and retain your audience for next video)

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There are endless possibilities to earn through YouTube but the best way to earn depends on what works best for you or what you find more interesting but I will advise you try out your hands on the various methods listed above and pick at least two (2) in other to maximise your profit and video potentials and finally remember to keep videos simple and as easy to understand as possible and avoid creating unnecessary long videos.

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