Federal Polytechnic Nekede: How to Process Your Acceptance Fee

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Federal Polytechnic Nekede: How to Process Your Acceptance Fee

As the federal Polytechnic Nekede continues to release her admission list for both ND and HND programmers, most students have continued to run into different challenges on how to process their acceptance fee which is why in this post I will be guiding you on Federal Polytechnic Nekede: How to Process Your Acceptance Fee.

Before I proceed to the topic of today, I will like to point out few things that can help you understand the procedures for processing your Federal Polytechnic Nekede Acceptance fee. It is important to note that the aim of this post is to help you reduce the amount you spend while doing your college screening as an ND or HND fresher as previously discussed in my post titled 5 ways to save money during your screening in College

How to Process Your Acceptance Fee

The Federal Polytechnic Nekede is one of the major polytechnics in Nigeria with thousands of newly admitted students yearly. The school just like most institutions in Nigeria today is following the single account initiative of the federal government as a result of this, the Remita epayment system is deployed to make the payment of both acceptance fee and other fees in the school easy.

As a newly admitted student of the federal polytechnic Nekede, you are required to pay acceptance fee into the account stated below your provisional admission letter or on the school website. This payment can also be made directly from the FPNO portal via the Remita platform using your ATM Card.

Processing Your Federal Polytechnic Nekede Acceptance Fee

Whether you prefer to make your payment directly online or through the bank, the Remita platform is used in both cases and a unique transaction pin must be issued for payment verification. This code is called your verification code which usually starts with an “R”

Follow this steps to process your acceptance fee on the FPNO portal

Step 1: Make your acceptance fee payment at the bank or on the Remita platform shown on the FPNO portal.

Step 2: Get a print out with your Verification or Reference code.

Step 3: Go to FPNO portal portal.fpno.edu.ng/portal2017/

Step 4: Login to your Portal account using your login details( This is usually your Application number and password and the default password is 123456) Example is Username: FPN/HNDM/17000340 and password:123456

Step 5: Complete your Profile and upload both passport and signature(This is very important because, without it, you will not see the process acceptance fee option)

Step 6: Click on Acceptance Fee followed by Pay Acceptance ( This option is only available after step 5 above and can be seen on the left-hand side)

Step 7: Enter your RRR / Confirmation Code ( This is the Pin given to you at the bank or after your payment on Remita)

Step 8: Select Year from the drop-down menu(This is the same thing as your Level which is ND 1 or HND 1)

Step 9: Select Acceptance Fee as payment type and click on proceed. If you entered the correct RRR / Confirmation Code you will be given the confirmation receipt which you will print out and present to the school as your Acceptance fee when required to do so.

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Note: It is very important to print your acceptance fee with coloured printer to avoid complications during screening or clearance.

Thank you for reading Federal Polytechnic Nekede: How to Process Your Acceptance Fee, If you face any issues following the steps, do leave us a comment and if the post helped you in any way also leave us a comment to let us know and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


  1. Does the RRR number for acceptance fee have a time limit upon wich it will expire?.cos am encountering problem where it said that my RRR number belongs to another person

    • There is no expiring date for that, if you are facing such issues and the name written on the printout is yours then you have to go to the school portal for correction or visit the bank you made the payment. The school Portal is located in the Rector’s Building. Please do well to tell us the outcome when you finish.

  2. Thank you sir for the info. Pls can I do the payment even if am not close to the state. I don’t know if it can be done at any authorise bank even it not in Imo.

  3. Please have acceptance fee payment closed for HND weekend program? This is because am far and has not payed the acceptance fee yet. Please assist inform.


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