Six Reason Why President Buhari Can not Change Nigeria


Change they say is constant but what is the Opposite of Change?
As you Search for answers to the above question let me quickly give you the reasons why our dearly beloved President who I call Mr. change can not change Nigeria.

Change in Nigeria

1. His ministers/ senators

It is said that there are no bad followers only bad leaders. In a country where people are crying of low state of Economy, the ministers and senators are still living in luxury yet they want people to accept change in the economy of the nation.

2. Policies

The Policies made by the administration so far have not really impacted positively on the life of the people.

3. Mindset

The World change is actually a mindset therefore until you change the mindset of the people to accept change then you will keep hunting stars.

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4. Who is Nigeria

Nigeria is simply Nigerians and Nigerians are not open-hearted when it comes to accepting change.

5. The godfathers/ Cabals

The last administration cried out Loud about God Fathers who are actually holding the country captive. So if this administration wants to make change they should dare the Godfather.

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6. The Judiciary/ Law

The country is still in the state of lawlessness which actually makes it impossible for change to come in therefore he should strengthen the Judiciary which is currently in the hands of cabals.


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