New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019 – See New Tips and Tools Shared

New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019

New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019 – See New Tips and Tools Shared

Are you Tapping into the Power of Social Media to grow your business? New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019 find out what went down.

Have you ever wondered how 21st-century entrepreneurs use social media or how valuable social media is as a tool in the hands of entrepreneurs of this age? The city of Port Harcourt witnessed a huge turn up of social media influencers, bloggers, startups and older business owners as they gathered to discuss the impact of social media on entrepreneurship in a program titled “New Media Meets Entrepreneurs”Updatefly was live at the program and here are some take-home points from the various sections to help you grow your business;

New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019

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Tips from New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019

  • Everyone is not your customer – why on social media, so many people will follow you and sometimes like your products but not all of them are your potential customers so you have to take some time to differentiate between time wasters and true customers.
  • Follow brands and find those in need of the products – big brands has so much going for them that they sometimes don’t notice those asking how much on their social media handle so you can leverage on such brands and follow up those who are interested in the product you are selling but are currently following other related brands
  • Use tools to power your hashtags and follow up – apps like crowed fire, Hootsuite, tagsfinder, keyhole, etc are good tools to leverage on while searching for trends and related products and useful audience on social media
  • Spend money to gain visibility this can come in form of discount sales, ads and other forms of promotions

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New Media Meets Entrepreneurs 2019, Port Harcourt Women

  • Pick an influencer with engagement, not just followers – you may not have time to do it all so you may need the services of an influencer and when such need arises you need to pick those with engagement not just numbers of followers
  • Social media should be a stepping stone – leverage on the power of social media to build your customer base and expand
  • Grow the popularity before the big projects – before launching a big product, use social media to get people’s views and get more insight on what they are expecting

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These are the various strategies and tools which was shared individuals and brands during the New media meet Entrepreneurs event in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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