Best WordPress plugins for photographers

Best photography WordPress plugins

Best WordPress plugins available for photographers

Are you a professional photographer? You must be looking for more projects on photography. May it be a wedding occasion or a corporate event, is it not always important to shoot perfect pictures? Competition of photographers is increasing in the market.

Websites are the best medium of promoting the photo business. If you are operating a website, knowing about WordPress plugin is vital. Let us have a look at a list of WordPress plugins for photographers as follow:-


  • W3 Total cache


Accessibility of a website is very important. For a photography website, you need work more on this factor as the high-quality pictures take more space. As a result, your website becomes slow. You can improve the page load speed of your website through this W3 total cache plugin.

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  • Image widget

In normal WordPress, you have to add images manually with the widget. Also, all the adjustment and text must be included manually. But with the help of this image widget plugin, you can add images easily with drag and drop option.


  • Imsanity


All viewers like large and uncompressed images; But, if it is posted on your site, the speed will be horrible. But, if you have the Insanity plugins, you won’t need to compress images. All you need to do is drag and drop and the plugins will take care of the rest.


  • Yoast SEO


If you are using WordPress, you will get an opportunity to have a search engine optimized website. This can be achieved through Yoast SEO. You will always wish for your site to come among the top options of the SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin will say how well the contents in the website works for people around the world.


  • Regenerate Thumbnails


The image that you put in WordPress is automatically converted into many sizes. But there is a disadvantage too. As soon as the new images are added, the old image sizes won’t be available anymore. The regenerate thumbnail is a wonderful plugin that will resolve the issue of image sizes.


  • Soliloquy


Different websites have a different layout. But, when it is about the photographic website, you have to be specific about some factors. Your website must have a slider. The slider will display some images. The visitors visiting your website will have a look at the slider and will guess something about your work. But, this will take some more space on your website. Naturally, page loading will take some time. But with the soliloquy plugins, your website speed will easily stay in proper place. The user won’t have difficulty in accessing your website.


  • WP Media Tagger


Sorting media files will be a difficult task with simple WordPress. But, if you have the plugin named WP media tagger, it will allow you to tag photos. This is essential for a photographic website and any site with multiple images.

Conclusion –

All of these techniques are top notch, simple to set up and fabricated to assist you to get the most out of your WordPress site into the ideal home for your professional photography.

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  1. Hello dear!
    Portfolio Designer Lite is also an amazing WordPress plugin that you can use to showcase your image gallery in a much more sophisticated way. It comes with grid layout, masonry layout, auto image resize and lots more. You can check it out.


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