Best Tips for Laptop Battery Saving in 2017


Best Tips for Laptop Battery Saving in 2017

The laptop computer has a good battery backup when it is in new condition, the battery stays for a longer time. But, as time passes, the wear and tear give rise to lower battery power. You have to keep it in charge whenever you work this is what I and some friends call mobile desktop. At this stage, your laptop goes off with any little fluctuation of power and this is not a good practice for your laptop. We will discuss some laptop battery savings tips. Applying these few simple tips will boost your laptop battery life and make it last longer.

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Here are some vital tips to save the battery of laptop computer –

Disable unused stuff of your laptop

Sometimes we may not know that some unwanted stuff keeps on running on our computer. If you want to save your laptop battery, just turn them off. The devices or ports runs with a power function. Now, this consumes a maximum portion of your laptop power. If you don’t use them, kindly disable them.

Battery maintenance tool to save battery

Normally, the manufacturer of the laptop provides the battery maintenance tool. You have to use that particular tool to save your laptop battery. The brands of laptop such as Sony, Lenovo, etc. have their battery maintenance panel. You must utilize the same to the extend your laptop battery life expectancy.

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Adjustment with settings

If you operate the laptop, it will be must to use the display and keyboard. This will obviously consume a lot of power. But, there are some settings that can help you and changing those can reduce the power consumption. As a result, your laptop will save some power. You may reduce the backlight and switch off the unnecessary light present in the keyboard.

Turning off application programs (apps)

Some of you may have a view that the computer hardware is extracting battery in your laptop. But, it is not always true. The software applications are equally responsible for the same. They are responsible for extracting your maximum battery life. Thus, you must turn off the apps which you don’t need to keep the laptop battery in order.

Laptop Battery Saving

Keep it cool

It is always important to keep the battery in cool place. In professional organizations, like computer academy, laboratory, etc., laptops are kept in cool place. They are kept in an AC room. This will increase the efficiency of the system. As a result, the battery life will increase. This is one of the tips for a laptop battery.

No full discharge – take care of this thing

Some people have a conception that discharging the laptop once in every fortnight is good for its health. But, expert says something different. You should not discharge the full battery of your laptop ever. This may affect the battery life. It is good to avoid full or complete discharge.

Disconnect Charger from Power when Fully Charged

Some people have the habit of leaving their system on charge even when the system is fully charged, this is not good for your laptop battery because the cells can not charge above their charging capacity and keeping the laptop on charge will only reduce the battery life and increase the rate of discharge.

Use the Right Charger

Most people make the mistake of thinking that all laptop chargers are the same provided they have the same charging pin but this is very wrong because the chargers have different rating and this is one reason why you can not use any and every charger with the same pin as yours. If your charger goes bad, do yourself some good by getting another one with same model with your laptop.

Mind The Power Source

Yes you need to work with your laptop and you need electricity to do that when your battery is down but the source of power you connect your laptop to can reduce your laptop battery life and result to more expenses in the future therefore, it is very important that you use a source of power with standard rating as specified in your laptop manual. Avoid charging your laptop battery with low voltage and small generators as this will reduce your battery life.


Your laptop is an important electronic gadget and you need to handle with care and one of the most important thing you have to ensure, is the laptop battery retaining charge and applying the guidelines stated above will help you achieve that with less effort.

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  1. Interesting, the keeping it cool tip and the fact that you don’t need to do a full discharge every once in awhile were tips that I didn’t know. Thanks! I’m also going to try the batter maintenance and see if that can make a difference? My battery is really draining a lot faster than it used to unfortunately. Thanks for a great post.
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