The Four Places Money Hides


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Everyone is looking for money, even myself who is writing this post is equally looking for money; but where is money hiding? Why is everyone looking for it? Is money missing?
You may agree with me that you only look for something that is missing/ hidden or what which you don’t have; are my right?
Do you know that money hides?
If I’m right! then it means money is missing or hiding and I believe there are places where money really hides. Am sure you do have your own views about where money hides and I invite you to share with me your own thought about where money hides after you hear my own little secret of where I think Money hides.
Where Does Money Hide?


1. In people

From my point of view, I think money hides in four places;
You can only see money spent when you see people around; True or False? My answer is true that’s why I think money hides in people.


2. In Ideas

People spend money on ideas this is why companies like facebook, twitter, Microsoft and other idea-based businesses are making crazy amount of money from people of course.


3. In Needs

When you are in need of a new house, clothe, food etc you will gladly pay for it; true or false? This is why money hides in people’s need.

4. In problem

If you have solutions to people’s problem they will give you their money whether they like it or not; which is what hospitals, Mortuaries etc does. If a person is facing health issues he/she will definitely contribute to the doctor’s wealth. The Same thing is also applicable when you lose a close friend or family and spend thousands of naira/dollars(money) to buy casket and make other funeral arrangements despite being in sorrow.

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If you already agree with me as I assume you do, then you would have realised that the key to finding money is buried in your ability to unlock any of these places where money hides through providing solution to people’s problem or coming up with Ideas that solves problem that doesn’t exist just like the computer.

Now that you have shared in my secret of where I think money really hides, I implore thee to also share yours with me through the comment box and don’t forget to hit the share button so your friends can also add this secret to their collection of secrets thanks.


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