Internet: A networking bond or a disconnection from reality

networking bond or a disconnection from reality

Internet: A networking bond or a disconnection from reality?

Today we know more about our social networking sites sitting in the other corner of the world than people in our neighborhood; children are experts of online games and aliens to the ‘Open Ground Games’; posting a selfie or a day story is more important to live the day with people you actually know. Now, these definitely are not the good signs for a normal being as we are supposed to live not surf.

networking bond or a disconnection from reality

Internet addiction is now posing a question on social networking site and internet as a whole; as to if such technology is a boon or a bane. But are we really questioning the right person? Is the internet really responsible for its addiction? Well, it is definitely not going to be a brief explanation but the answer is as short as ‘NO’.

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A cigarette is consumed even if it has the warning on the box. Similarly, we use the internet to such a grave level that we get addicted to it and know that it will harm us, yet we keep on using it and at the end its internet who ruins us.

What was the purpose of developing the internet and social networking sites?

Internet was initially an intangible medium to transmit information and data in less time. It was developed so that people around the world could exchange ideas and beliefs and thus could help in the human development and uplift the standard of living with new inventions taking place all around the world.

Social networking sites, on the other hand, were developed so that relatives all over the world could feel at home and interact timely and comparatively at lower costs. It was a platform that different cultures could present themselves on.

networking bond or a disconnection from reality

What actually the internet and social networking sites mean to us?

Internet became a part and parcel of our life. Google is even more important than our family as it could answer all we want with a 4G speed now. Social sites are increasing day by day and the interesting fact is we find everyone everywhere doing almost the same thing just with different display pictures and hashtags.

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The Internet and social networking sites were and never will be at flaw; it is our addiction that leads to its harmful usage and as it is said “excess of everything is harmful” but the correction is “excess use of everything is harmful.”

Teens nowadays are really not interested in sports or the childhood games; they are attracted towards tycoon series and animations. When we talk about teen internet addiction we often use words tagged under psychological, social or health problems. All these exist and major but what still is absurd and not understood is its effect.

There is no scientific term for internet addiction and problems related to it and one definite effect is that people create their own bubble and just don’t accept facing the reality and when the time comes they are just ripped apart.

The Internet shows us so many fascinating things but why are they there or how do they come there? The simple answer is that no one writes or posts things to fascinate us except for that what we do on social media. Everyone is out there working for a living which is disgusted by some and fascinated by others. A blog post, Instagram, tweet, or youtube video can be produced easily by anyone and shared, which can then be viewed by millions for free.

Internet addiction has infected everyone these days and the bad news is there is no medication to cure it except for your sensibility and ability to think on what, how much and where to use these great inventions of mankind.


The internet is a very important tool that can help improve your studies and communication with people around the globe and this is why it was designed in the first place but it will and it is very wrong to allow the internet to disconnect you from your immediate environment and friends around you.Use the internet with moderation and connect with your environment that way you can balance the equation and enjoy the company of friends and families around you.

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