Top tips for safe web surfing


Top tips for safe web surfing

The Internet has created convenience for mankind. We can get everything handy just with the use of online services. People are getting information about anything they want. There is no need to look into the dictionary and search for the word meaning. Just type the work in the search engine and you will get total info. The Internet is the place to communicate with friends and relatives staying away. Also, it is a very cost effective option. But, not all websites are safe for all individuals. You must take some precautions for safe web surfing.

Here are some vital tips for safe web surfing:-


Avoid information passing

Some of us have the habit of passing information to anyone online. Even if you are communicating with friends and relatives on a social networking site, don’t pass confidential information. You can make use of your phone or SMS to pass your confidential information.

Always make use of a strong password

People set up many accounts on the web. It can be your official email account. You may even set a password for an online E-commerce website or social networking site. Some people have the habit of setting a very easy password. Don’t do this as it will be unsafe. You should always try to set up a very strong password. Combine capital letters, special characters as well as numbers for better protection.

Put a restriction over some sites

Your computer will show you a warning statement before entering a wrong site. If you enter those sites, you may be affected by the malware or some illegal element. It is better not to enter such sites. This can be one of the safe web browsing tips you can avail. Some sites to avoid are the pornography sites. Children should stay away from it. It would be really beneficial for you.

Stay away from cookies

Most sites use cookies to keep track of your activities on their site and monitor how you surf the web and they also use it to show you targeted ads. Cookies and Pop-ups can be a reason for your computer getting harmed. You must have seen a lot of advertisements suddenly appears in the middle of your task. This can cause disturbance and also, it can harm your computer. It is always important to use a browser that won’t allow the cookies. If you are using the Chrome browser, use the incognito window.

Clicking on links

The Internet is the place for all types of promotions. The online traders are trying to make money. But, some links can be really harmful. You can find many links that come through your email, social media posts etc. The internet security tips also include avoiding the links that come to you. If any link comes from your friends and relatives, click on it only after the confirmation.

Always avoid chatting with strangers

You may not know when the strangers can harm you through the internet. Some of you like to make friends and chat deliberately. They also chat with the strangers. But, this is a wrong practice altogether. Sometimes the terrorists or the kidnappers can get in touch with you. They can hide their identity and start chatting. Thus, you should avoid or reduce the rate at which you chat with strangers and even when you do, mind the information you share with such strangers.


The internet would have been a safe place if we are all like minded and care about the safety of one another but this is not the case because some of us are more interested in looking for loops to exploit others which make it very important for everyone to ensure his/her individual safety online and applying this tips for safe web surfing will go a long way to help you achieve that.

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  1. Your browser can only warn you that a website is potentially harmful. You have to take some step to protect your data from that website. Using a proxy server can be the best way to secure your personal information and your privacy in general from internet hackers.

  2. This is very helpful. Yes, it is very important to keep password strong. Hackers are everywhere. Thanks for sharing


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