Top WordPress Plugins for Instagram Sharing

WordPress Plugins for Instagram

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WordPress Plugins for Instagram

WordPress Plugins for Instagram; With the invention of a CMS like WordPress, it has become quite easy to make a website. Also, you can add the various type of plugins as well on your website. There are plugins for every possible thing you can imagine of in the present scenario. One such plugin is the Instagram share button. As the name suggests it is a share button plugin that directly shares your pic on Instagram.

Instagram is getting very popular these days. The interesting Instagram figures signify that it is equally important to connect Instagram to your website like other social networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. That is why many similar plugins have been developed by developers so as to provide users with different new options to share their images directly from there website to Instagram with a single click.

WordPress Plugins for Instagram

There are many different purpose plugins. Based on your need, you can go through them one by one and make your choice. Some of them are free while some are premium. So have a look at these plugins –


WP Instagram Images Widget

WordPress Plugins for Instagram

A widget that displays a barebones listing of the latest photos for an Instagram user. The good thing about this plugin is that there is no API configuration required, users just have to specify the Instagram Username and the number of posts to display. Also, it provides both widget and a shortcode as well. It is a good choice for all those people who likes styling.



Instagram Badges

WordPress Plugins for Instagram

For all the photo lovers this Instagram badge is a must have plugin. As the name suggests it is a badge plugin that provides an Instagram follow badge feature. Users just have to specify a title, a username, and the badge size.


Social Count Plus

WordPress Plugins for Instagram

If you want to have an output a list of icons and followers of all the social media such as twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. then this social count plus is a very effective plugin. Users just have to add their account details of their social media account and they are done. With the help of this plugin, they can see the number of followers list for any social media account.



WordPress Plugins for Instagram

This plugin provides three ways to display your photos on any WordPress website that is through username, hashtag, and username filtered by hashtag. The plugin is responsive in nature which means your photos will be presented in a very beautiful and attractive manner through the responsive technique.

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WordPress Plugins for Instagram

This plugin is effective for all those who want to show their Instagram feed on any WordPress website. This plugin is loaded with customizable options which make it easy for the user to choose from. There are three different skins available to display the Instagram feed on your website. Also, there are multiple choices in choosing avatar, style, and display.

Yakandanda Instagram

A widget and a shortcode come under this plugin for displaying your photos and videos from Instagram. API is required in this app. The user can include up to 380 images in the gallery. It is light in weight that is the size and very easy to use. This plugin is one to check out if you like a gallery that comes with scrolling.

So if you are looking for some eye-catching and cool techniques to use a plugin for Instagram feed on your website. Then you must check out these plugins.


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