Being productive the 10 Sure Tips

Being productive

productive-tipsKnow your job

Honestly speaking, there is no substitute for knowing your job inside out, not even magic can fix this fact, so is better you invest time and energy to learn and master what needs to be done in your job and when. Understanding your role in the job is the key to being more productive and successful.


Learn from your peers

In most cases, your peers already have solutions to your questions and leveraging on their skills can go a long way to  improving your productivity.

Make sure that your output is used

When you are given a task to complete, take a timeout to think about how your output will be used even before you start planning how to complete your task; if possible ask those in charge of the results to tell you how the output will be used this will help you and your team to be more productive.

Know the value of your task

If you can understand the value of the task you’ve been given then you will not only plan better but your level of output will indicate better level of productivity.  Find out what value the task adds to the company or business or if the task is done as a matter of routine.

Invest time in learning the skill

Having the right skill in a job can give you extra advantage and it can also help you function both efficiently and effectively in your assigned role thereby making you more productive.


You may have heard the popular saying that “he who fails to plan, plans to fail” so you need to plan every single step to the end so that if there is any issue you know what to question.


Once you know what you are doing adds value to the company, then you can create your priority list and know what to do first according to their order of value just as highlighted in the book “eat that frog”.


Clear and timely communications

Effective communication is a necessary skill in any career choice and you have to make sure you communicate your challenges and success on time so the team will know how to help and what to do to meet up when you have issues.


Find out tools that can help you automate the processes of doing your job and this will make you super productive and give you the ability to meet the deadline before time.

Identify roadblocks

There may be people you rely on who are not fulfilling their part of the bargain or inputs you require that are not available or forthcoming. There may also be people that you rely on
to distribute your output to the relevant stakeholders that are not
performing to the required standard.

If you can spot these persons on time, then you can quickly replace them with other people and keep the work moving.


Final words: For you to be more productive, you must develop the habit of tolerance, learn how to work with a team and accept the fact that you can’t always make people do things as fast as you want it.


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