Top Secrets To Staying Productive And In Control


The Secret To Staying Productive And In Control

Secret of Staying Productive And In Control

  • Forgive Yourself

One mistake is not enough reason to kill yourself, no matter the amount or resources lost, you can recover from it with time but that can only happen if you can forgive yourself and move on and the earlier you let go, the better because the more you keep living in the past, the longer it will take you to bounce back and meet up your target but if you keep thinking of the if’s then you may wake up too late and the party would have been far over before you put on your dancing shoes.


  • Focus on solutions

When you focus on finding solutions to your problems, they gradually fade away because you will no longer see them as problem rather as challenges that will come and go and arming yourself with solution by expecting challenges to arise at any point in time will help you build focus and have solutions readily available when the challenges eventually surface.


  • Stay positive

Always tell yourself that is possible for you to achieve what you want to achieve don’t let other people talk you down with their negative words, think it, plan it and execute it, don’t stop till you see positive results and if it fails, just know you are a step close to success.

  • Avoid asking “What if?

Asking question is very good but is better to ask the right question; wanting to know the end from the beginning is not a good habit because you will only end off with another thought of “what if” so is better you play blind at some point in other to achieve success; yes the questions may still need to be answered but the answers will be much easier when you must have attained a certain height. So keep the what if’s away for now and move on.

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  •  sleep

If you want to go far you have to be in good health and sleep is one of those important factors that will help you achieve a lot because at some point the brain and the mind just need’s to relax in other to provide accurate answers solutions and fresh ideas.


  • Do Some Exercise.

The importance of  exercise can not be over emphasized. Just like sleeping helps you to relax so does exercise although different people has different things that works for them so whatever work’s for you, take a timeout and have the fun so you can come back refreshed.


  • Meditate

Spending a little time alone outside work or any other activity gives you that sober moment to reflect and think things over and during this time, you will be amazed how you are able to recall some important things.

Finally, the  best way to stay in control is to be internally motivated and staying in good health because health they say is wealth.

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