Afro Street Fashion Festival 2018 All You Need to Know

Afro Street Fashion Festival

Afro Street Fashion Festival 2018 All You Need to Know

The Afro Street Fashion Festival is a fashion festival in the African style with the dreams of making the Nigeria creative industry appreciate the creative minds of youths and all talented persons.

Facts About Afro Street Fashion Festival

The Afro Street festival is not just a festival designed to promote fashion alone rather, it is a festival which is designed to bring together and promote every creative industry within Nigeria and Africa at large. The festival cuts across Music, Fashion, Technology, Poetry, and Culture but for this year 2018, the event is focusing on Afro Fashion which is why it is tagged Afro Street Fashion Festival.

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Afro Street Fashion Festival

Who Should Attend Afro Street Fashion Festival?

The Afro Street Fashion Festival is for everyone who loves fashion, music, tech and above all creative minds who wish to connect and mingle with like minds within the Nigerian space.

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The date for Afro Street Fashion Festival 2018

The Afro Street Fashion Festival event has been scheduled to hold on the 1st of December 2018 at Afrocentric hub GRA Port Harcourt.

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Be part of the event today by joining other creative minds in the industry to make the world feel the heat of African creative concepts. #FeelTheHeat

Let me know if you will attend by using the comment box. Sponsorship is also welcomed by the organizers.

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