7 Foods That Won’t Be Eaten By The Experts

Food to Avoid

Foods To Avoid as an Experts and why

We all consume different kinds of food, which would keep us hale and hearty. There are a lot of food items, which have injurious chemicals and would lead to severe health harms and must be avoided. Here is the list of 7 food items that should be avoided

Food to avoid

White Bread-

White Bread is a common food that is used in most of the houses. White bread is rich in sugar and is not good for digestive system because it has less fiber content. It is better that white bread gets replaced with whole grain bread, sandwiches made with lettuce leaves.

Fried Foods-

Fried foods are not healthy and they should be avoided as far as possible. It is better to take baked or broiled foods. Fried food may increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The most popular fried foods that people like to eat are French fries, fried chicken, and doughnuts. Anything that is deep-fried has become the source of trans-fat and have cancer-causing agent acrylamide. Potato chips and French fries should be avoided completely.

Cream Based salad dressings-

People think salads to be healthy food but in many cases, salads are dressed in cream which makes them very unhealthy food which is full of fat and lots of calories.

  • Creamy and tasty Ken’s Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch Dressing- This is very popular dressing for vegetables and salads but it is an unhealthy option because it has 180 calories and 289 mg of sodium in per tablespoon of this dressing.
  • Newman’s own Italian Dressing- It is also used as a marinade but has lots of calories (130) and about 360 gram of sodium in it.
  • Thousand Island Dressing- It is a variant of Russian and Remoulade dressing and is very unhealthy with 13 gms of fat present in 140 calorie serving. You can try out the fat-free variant of Thousand Island dressing
  • Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressing is another unhealthy salad dressing with 160 calories having 17 gm of fat and 160 mg of sodium in it.

Food to Avoid

White Rice

Rice is a common food in many kitchens and is used to make many mouth watering dishes. White rice is not good to eat because it helps the body in storing fat and does not have any nutritional value. Instead one should switch over to brown rice which has rich fiber content and has enough vitamins and other essential nutrients.

High Fructose Corn Syrup-

This syrup can help on put on weight very quickly. Eating sugary foods or foods having rich fructose content may lead to serious health problems like diabetes. To avoid sugar intake you must switch over to fresh fruits and berries to get sugar in a natural way.


Milk made with fake hormones –

Dairy cattle are treated with different kinds of growth endocrines such as rBST or rBGH in order that milk fabrication gets enhanced. Utilization of rBGH raises possibilities of illness and the pus may be there in the milk.

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Gluten Free Diet –

In a recent survey, it has been found that the trending social drive against the gluten products is making you unhealthy and also leads you to fall for various diseases. You might be wondering how the gluten free food diet can hazardous as gluten is proven harmful for our body, the answer lies in the fact that it is not the gluten-free diet that’s making us sick and unhealthy it is the “Gluten Free” claiming products. These products can cause liver and heart problem.


Now that we have successfully highlighted few foods you should avoid to stay fit, we hope to hear from you if there is anything you think we skipped or any suggestions you may have. Thanks


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