Worldwide 15 Most Popular Online Music Websites

popular music websites

Worldwide 15 Most Popular Online Music Websites

Music is something that brings happiness in the life of every individual. Using a tape recorder or a music system has become quite old. People are internet freak. Everything is easily available online. Starting from dresses to all household equipment, you can get online. It is also possible to play music online. But, you have to know the popular music sites for this. Let us have a look at such websites with links:

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List of most popular music websites is as follows –


1. MySpace – To access this website, you have to visit the link, It is basically a well-known social networking platform. You can get the music in 14 different languages. It has a great impact on music as well as pop- culture.

MySpace music


2. Google Play – The link through which you can enter this site is This is the most authentic music site that can help you play the television programs, movies as well as a variety of music.

Google Play music

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3. Pandora – is the link that will be suitable for streaming live music. This is for specific countries. People staying in countries like United States, Australia, and New Zealand can access it.

popular music websites

4. SoundCloud – Do you want to experience the pleasure of an audio distribution website? Get full access at This site will help you promote, upload and hear the popular music videos easily. You can also share original sounds.


5. Jango – Another wonderful live music streaming site is The user can easily create their radio stations with custom features. Sharing them is possible as well. You can select the music and artist before playing.


6. Last FM – The website can be reached through the link, The audio scrobble is the name of a music recommender. This provides individual’s musical taste for a song. There is a connection of radio station.

Last FM

7. Spotify – You can also choose an ad to listen to music from the very popular website link, But, this might not work in all the countries. The users in New Zealand, US and Europe will be benefited.



8. Yahoo music – Yahoo is one of the oldest sites for all types of internet users. The email account is its popular feature for music, you must visit You get access to the internet radio, music, and other musical info.

Yahoo music


9. Tune in – The music access of this website is possible through the link, This as the first radio time introduced in Dallas. You can also get this one among the top music sites in your mobile apps.

Tune in music

10. Iheartradio – This is also one of the popular radio station cum music website. You can get the music from a various source in this music station. You must visit You can use this through your smartphone. Some gaming consoles can even work here.


Other names in this popular music websites are –

  • Allmusic
  • Radio
  • Jango
  • Live365
  • Slacker

In conclusion, these musical website can give the entertainment you need. Try them out today and give us feedback on how useful you find the websites using the comment box below, thanks.


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