10 Ways you have contributed to corruption in Nigeria


In Nigeria today, everybody is busy calling corruption and our leaders also say they are fighting corruption and I just wonder if corruption has hands and legs or even wings because almost everybody I know claim to be innocent and free from corruption.
Okay! yes, I agree your innocent but before you start celebrating your innocence let me quickly tell you the ten ways you have contributed to corruption in Nigeria.


1 As a child,

you see your brother/ sister picking(stealing) money from your dad’s/ mom’s pocket, you keep quiet and collect your own share later because eye wa see go chop. Tomorrow your brother becomes a president and continues to give you share from the country treasury but your innocent.

2 As a father,

you attend a community meeting and join in the plan of how to high jack the policy box and you collect your own share the money submitted by the politician and when he wins and you see nothing, you start shouting,you start shouting corruption, who is corruption.Corruption

3. As a youth

you collect money from the highest bidder at the polling unit to cast your vote and at the end of the election month you go to the newspaper stand and start blaming corruption for failed leadership and I will ask what else do you want from corruption.

4. As a civil servant

you go to work only when you hear that a supervisor is coming, yet you keep asking for increment of salary yet you are praying without season for good leadership, please will angels come to lead you?

5. As a job man

you are told to measure 3 pans of sand for each bag of cement but because the supervisor is looking at other workers, you measure two then you go back home and blame politicians for corruption.

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6. As a pastor,

The only quotation you remember is that of seeds and title, the only member of your church you visit or call are the rich yet you collect offertory from the poor. When it comes to offices in the church, only members of your family or tribe are entitled to vital offices still you claim to be without corruption.

7. As a student,

you are made a course rep, when you are told to collect money for practicals or textbooks, you double the money and keep the rest but you still say oh! Our leaders are corrupt.

8. As a Technician,

you are paid to repair a set for somebody, you open it to remove some components then use it to fix another person’s own but you still blame others of corruption.

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9. As a business man,

you sell your products for 3 times the price; Please are you free from corruption?

10. As a teacher/ lecturer,

you collect money from students to pass them, you collect money to screen a student for an admission that has been given already and even to check names in a file on your desk yet you are the most righteous man on earth.

The list goes on and on, till it gets to the top where we have the police, the politicians etc.

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