Top 10 Screen Recorder free Software Download 2017

Screen Recorder free Software

Top 10 Screen Recorder free Software Download 2017


Screen recording is very essential when it comes to sharing soft copies of any work, either as video or image. Some reasons why you may want to record your screen include; creating a tutorial to teach your friends how to carry out a particular task which they are currently finding difficult, pointing out a particular thing to a person who is not seating in the same room with you, teaching your students how to do a thing or two, etc.

Whatever your reason or reasons for wanting to have a Screen Recording Software installed on your system, these 10 Screen Recorder free Software Download 2017, will suit your needs.

Every time you open a page online or offline, there is a reason, either official or social reason. But Imagine a situation where you want the activities on the screen to be recorded? The screen recording option is a need for this purpose. You can now get a variety of Screen Recording Software.

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Top 10 list of screen recorder


1. Blueberry flashback express recorder – This is a popular screen recorder software that will allow you to go ahead with the task of video editing. The screen recording is a must here. By using your own voice you can record your computer screen and share it friends on the go.

Screen Recorder free Software


2. Rylstim screen recorder – Are you using the recorder for the first time? This is the software for all those trying to do screen recording, for the first time. This is a basic level screen recorder but has great utility to meet your need for screen recording.


3. Webinaria – People are searching for applications that can create an easy access. This is one among the free screen recording software. It uses the AVI format. This is a trend of recording software in 2017.

4. Krut computer recorder – You must be aware of Java programming language. This recording software uses java for screen recording. You can record the frames in every second and upload them to share with friends.

5. BSR screen recorder – You can capture everything on your system or device through this screen recorder. Not only audio files, even the video files can be easily recorded here.

BSR screen recorder


6. My screen recorder – People are looking for the applications and the software that comes free. My screen recorder is a wonderful software in this connection. You can record the videos easily from your desktop and share it on YouTube or other video sharing platforms.

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7. Super screen capture – Are you using a window PC? This will give you wonderful screen recording experience. Today most of the people are comfortable with windows operating system. The Mack books are quite expensive. The super screen capture can be used here to capture and share all activities on your pc screen with your students or subscribers if you are a blogger like myself.

Super screen capture


8. Wink – Are you looking for free software? People are using this software for making any type of social and official videos. You can create presentations and tutorials with this. Capturing the screenshots will be possible through this as well. So wink goes beyond just recording videos of your screen activities.


9. Windows media encoder – There are different types screen recording software and application available online for windows users but windows media encoder is a wonderful variety. This is quite a powerful application. You can record HD videos here. It is possible to use this software anytime you want with maximum quality and flexibility.


Free Screen Recorder

10. CamStudio – Unlike other recording software, this has a number of features. The recording of sound with the help of this software is now possible. The custom screen annotations can be recorded as well. You can now use this wonderful software for a variety of recording needs.


There are hundreds of screen recording software on the internet both free and paid, but the above listed screen recording software are some of the best screen recording software with the best features to suit your needs and deliver high video, audio and image quality for your screen recording.

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  1. Hello, First of all thanks for sharing this blog. I must say you are an incredible writer. In smartphone there are dedicated features presents to take screenshot. But in desktop case we got confused. These software are really helpful for screenshot.


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