The Four foods to avoid as a model


food to avoid as a modelAs a model, staying in shape is your primary aim and the kinds of food or diet you take can go a long way to determine if you remain in good  shape or not and your health condition.

Avoiding or reducing your consumption of this four kinds of foods will help you stay in good shape as well as maintain quality health.

The Four Kinds of foods to avoid as a model

●FRIED FOOD -They have little nutritional value and cause different health problems. Fried food have high cholesterols which decrease cardiovascular health and make one suffer from heart disease or stroke. Study say that one french fry is worse than one cigarette. It is therefore advised to eat more of boiled meals than fried meals.

●ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS  -Too much sweetener can reset your taste buds and make you always in need for sugary foods. EG junk food.

●AVOID FROZEN FOODS because they are sometimes heavily processed and filled with fat and salt.


●DIET OR LOW FAT -Being on diet doesn’t mean low calories, for example; yogurt have more sugar, salt, and unhealthy filters to make them taste okay therefore you should reduce your consumption of them to stay healthy.


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Written by: Karena Youdiowei


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