Best Open Source Content Management System Software in 2017

best open source cms 2017

Best Open Source Content Management System Software in 2017

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Content management system or CMS is an important part of any business. If you have a website for user’s info, CMS is a must. Bloggers use different types of CMS to manage contents. People are using mostly WordPress to upload contents, modify and attach pictures. You can get much more features within this software and you can select Web Content Management Software based on your purpose or the feature you need on your website. Selecting the right CMS for your website is vital. The ease, purpose, and features are very essential.

best open source cms 2017

Features of best open source cms 2017 –

How will you know whether or not the content management software is suitable? You must have a look at their features. This will define the advantages and disadvantages of the particular Open Source CMS. The Following are some vital points to consider:

  • CMS must have intuitive indexing features, Search and retrievals are also some features. The software must be made in such a way that data can be easily accessed.
  • Formatting or format management must be there in your open source CMS. Formatting both PDF and HTML documents must be possible
  • Another important feature is the revision. The software must provide regular updates with more features and facilities
  • Getting wider option of templates is again an important factor. There must be wizard to modify content
  • Image setting and alteration must be a feature in your content management system. Without the images, the website will look unattractive.

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List of best open source cms 2017 –

For general website – WordPress

best open source cms 2017

It is an open source CMS widely used by people today. You can get many benefits of WordPress CMS system over other software. The most eye catchy fact is, the user never have to purchase a license for it. That Means, it is absolutely free. More than 60% of websites in present day choose only WordPress. The software is also very easy to operate. Even a novice can operate if proper step by step instruction is present. You can also get themes and plugins with this blogging platform. You can customize your images and put it on your content while posting.

Best CMS for Commerce website – Magento

Best CMS for Commerce website

Are you dealing with product selling? Naturally, you need an Ecommerce website for the sale and purchase. But the content management system or CMS to be used here will be very different as compared to that of a general website. The developers have much such software made especially for the e-commerce website. Magneto is one of the famous CMS in the year 2017. The demand for this CMS software has risen in the market.

The famous organizations that use this CMS system are Nestle, Burger king, Zumiez etc. It is basic as well as user-friendly software suitable for all business organizations. The best part of Magento is the fact that, it supports many languages. If you want to do worldwide business, making the content available in several languages is important. The Ecommerce website based on Magento software has great themes also.

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