9 Ways to show your customers you care


9 Ways to show your customers you care

Your customers is your business because your business can not grow without them so it is very important you try as much as you can to show a little care to every customer because you never can tell which customer has the keys to that big supply you are looking for and a little care may just be the magic wand you need to cast the spell of success.

9 Ways to show your customers that you care

Alright, so haven said that let’s quickly look at the 9 ways you can
show your customers that you really care.

Make it Official on Facebook

This may sound too extreme but imagine getting a personal message from your favorite brand; it makes you feel special right? that’s the same
feeling your customers have when you send them a direct message especially
when there is no special occasion.

Treat them like they are one of a kind

That feeling of love that makes you feel special when your friends remember to send you SMS on the eve of your birthday, wedding, or that special occasion can be introduced into your business to make your customers feel loved and cared for even while telling them of a new product they will gladly check it out with smiles.

Break the rules

Occasionally you can bend some rules to please the customers. Let your
employees know is no crime to give free shipping once in a while rather than charge them for the shipping especially when you have offended the customer you can use this as a means to win back your customers.

Most consumers say the number one factor that leads to great customer
service is having their issues fixed ASAP.

Loyalty is Important

You need loyal customers and these customers can purchase and repurchase your product as well as refer their friends to buy your product.
Use a bit to get more loyal customers by introducing reward program.

Be friendly

You may own it all but the more the negative feedbacks go’s unresolved the faster you lose it all so try as much as you can to be friendly and train your employees to treat complaints the same way
you would treat it.

Send Gifts to your Customers

I personally love it when I get gifts from both online and offline shops and am very sure most customers out there are like me and would be much happier buying from a store where they always get gifts.

Bring them closer

When a modern day customer become a fan of your business they want to share it with friends and family, therefore, having that social button on your website becomes even more important in other to increase the social share and increase your referral traffic as you build a close bond with your customers.

Show them the real you

It is good to have a professional looking website and contact page and even more but people will buy more if they get the chance to meet this great professional via live chat on your website or other social platforms.

Create Exclusive offers

When you identify those customers who are loyal, who always buy’s from you, then using an exclusive deal and discount will bring them even closer and result to further purchase.
Finally, it is important that you treat your employees properly because they also contribute greatly to the success of your business.

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