10 Strict Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Relationship Rules Every Couple Should Have

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

10 Strict Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Relationship Rules Every Couple Should Have

Celebrity life is never as private as they want to keep it. In the end, the fans always find out the juicy news that they try to keep on the low. The celebrity life has its own advantage and disadvantage, and if some of the superstars are possessive about his/her partner, then it is something understandable. You are definitely aware of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who was known as the most powerful couple of Hollywood. As there is always a jealousy factor in every couple that forces them to stick with rules that is quite tough to digest but they have to follow for their long-term relationship. Kanye has made very strict rules for his wife Kim, every aspect of her life is under her husband’s magnifying glass. Fans wanted to know what their famous personalities are doing in their daily life and what their rules are. Here are 10 strict rules that Kanye wants his wife to follow.

  • Nothing Less Than Designer Brands

Kim used to pick oversized or short dresses for a refined look and to attract the fans. But Kanye doesn’t like these types of clothing that is why he decided that Kim will wear the branded clothes that will suit her body and beautiful face. Kanye became the famous fashion designer for his wife, even telling her to wear casual clothes like men’s varsity jacket. You will find a huge difference in Kim’s dating clothing and after-marriage clothing.

  • No Makeup at Home

Kim loves to do makeup and her fans want to see her in beautiful makeup that she usually applies on her face. Her kit includes false eyelashes, beautiful lip color, bold mascara, blusher, and bronzer. According to Kanye, makeup should not be used in a home because skin also needs some rest and using makeup all time may damage the skin. The rule of “No Makeup at Home” seems acceptable because everyone should take care of the skin by using some cleansing creams without applying makeup.

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  • The Baby’s Gender Should Be Kept Secret

Everyone wanted to know the gender of their baby so that they can get the products according to the gender of the child either blue or pink. Kanye wants to keep the baby’s gender secret, he asks Kim to keep the secret of the baby to herself or Kanye only. He doesn’t want that family or friend know about this secret. Kanye said that the news of their first child was revealed immediately and it is not acceptable to him. That is why after knowing that Kim is pregnant again, he asked her to keep the gender secret.

  • No Phones At The Dinner Table

When sitting on a dining table, one must keep the tension aside so that you can taste the food and get some interesting news from family and friends. Using mobile phones at dining table definitely feel something awkward. Celebrities are really busy in their busy schedule, they get time when they sit for lunch and dinner to check the comments and mail of their fans. Kanye hates using the phone at the dining table that is why he restricts his wife to use mobile during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • No Pregnancy Photoshoot

Kim wishes to capture all the special moments of her pregnancy and many magazines were ready to post Kim’s shoot in their magazines to make it popular. Kanye was really possessive about it and he never wants that someone is capturing the shoots of his pregnant wife. He wants to keep it secret. If a husband does not agree with these types of shoots, then how can we wait for her pregnancy shoots?

  • Say Goodbye To Those Big Sunglasses

Kanye was really sensitive about his wife’s fashion, he wanted to make his wife more beautiful and charming. Kim loves to wear big fashionable glasses, but Kanye doesn’t. He always forces her to wear small and pretty glasses that will suit the personality. According to Kanye’s sisters, he was known for the best fashion guider. He knows better than what looks good on different types of faces like round, oval or diamond. Isn’t it good to have a husband like Kanye?

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  • No Taking Pictures With Fans

It is understood that a person takes a good decision for his/her life partner. However, we didn’t find a valid reason behind no pictures with fans. It might be something strange between the couple. Kanye is also one of them who does not allow his wife to take a picture with her fans. If we talk about fans, then we get to know that how desperately they wait for the big event where they can capture some moments with the celebrities, but here Kim is not allowed to take pictures. It is a big question how Kim can say no to her fans to take a picture.

  • Can’t Be Friends With Rachel Roy

A husband can stop his wife from many things, but forbidding his wife to talk to her best friend can be complicated. How a girl can stop talking to her best friend. Kanye was really strict with his rules, he does not allow Kim to become the friend of Rachel Roy. Rachel faces many problems in her life, but Kim cannot help in her difficult time. She might stay away from Rachel in public but may meet her behind the scenes.

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  • No Talking About Ex-Boyfriends

One of the most important things that many of the people faces in their relationship is talking about Ex. Kanye also don’t want his wife to talk about his ex-boyfriend. It might be jealousy of Kanye who is said to be possessive. If anyone wants to make your relationship long-lasting, then you have to forget your past and think about your future. I think this strictness of Kayne is acceptable.

  • Pay Attention All Times

Kanye ask his wife to look at the stage all time while he is performing on the stage. He wants that Kim appreciates him on his creativity. It is not a big strictness because every man wants his wife’s attention all the time so that she can praise him and respect him in all aspects.

These are 10 top strict rules of Kanye West for his wife Kim Kardashian. Some of them might not be acceptable for anyone, but to keep their relationship, Kim has to follow all these.

Are there rules you keep to make your relationship work? Feel free to add them to this list through the comment box.

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10 Strict Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Relationship Rules That Every Couple Should Have
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10 Strict Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Relationship Rules That Every Couple Should Have
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