3 Free bonuses of using your own products or tool as a Startup


3 bonuses to using your own products or tool as a Startup

use your own products or tool as a Startup

The Social Network is filled with people trying to promote one thing or the other which you are currently  one of them but some of these persons are promoting their own products/Services or other people‘s products but the question is are you really using these products you are promoting?

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Eating your own dog food is the number one (1) principle when it comes to marketing your product or services on social media which mean’s you practice what you preach.

In this post, we are looking at some reasons why you have to use the products you are promoting on Social network as a startup who want’s attract new customers. Before we proceed, take a minute to imagine how easy it is  to talk to your friends  about the last show you saw on TV or how you love using your latest smartphone or even any other product or services you used recently;

Is it easy to talk about?

How about that tone of conviction is it there?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes then you already understand how easy it will be to talk to your audience about that

product or service which you are currently using and want to promote and this post will also give you more reasons to start promoting those services immediately. But what if your answer to the questions is no then this post is specially made to help you to start making more sales by showing your customers that you practice what you preach with proves.


Why you should use the products you are promoting as a startup


The huge bonus to using your own product or tool is getting firsthand knowledge of:

 Potential issues:

If you are promoting a software which you just developed for instance, you may quickly discover a loop which you didn’t notice during the development of the software and the discovery which you just made can help you prepare to develop patches for the loop and have answers readily available for customers who may contact you because of problems experienced as a result of such issues.



As a customer to yourself you will know your product or services in and out and can tell your customers not to panic because of a little problem which of cause to them may appear to be the end of the world which they or their friends may have predicted when they decided to subscribe to this new product or service and your ability to pinpoint the exact issue when you receive that email or call and offer instant solution within the shortest possible time will make your customers loyal followers.


New feature ideas:

As you continue to use your product or services, you will discover missing features or even new means to improve your current product or services to make it better and give you more advantage over your competitors thereby making outstanding in your industry.

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Final words

Rather than waiting to hear the good the bad and the ugly, it will be better for you to avert the long phone calls or emails of frustration sent by customers by testing and using your own products and services.

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