Top issues faced by big kitchen and what you should learn from it as a startup

big kitchen

Top issues faced by Big Kitchen and what you should learn from it as a startup

Is Big kitchen baby! Big kitchen is a startup which is currently fast gaining grounds in Nigeria after its founder decided to move from the native or traditional business method on which the business started in 2012 and stepped up his games to utilize the wonderful opportunities presented by the New media which has led to a rebirth of what is now known as Big kitchen.

Big kitchen started in Port Harcourt and has recently expanded its Burger production and home delivery services to Lagos Nigeria.

Here are a few challenges shared by the founder of Big kitchen during the New Media meet Entrepreneur, how they are handling it and what you can learn from it.

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  • Recruiting staffs – Although most companies face this issue as a startup, the approach through which the founder adopted to deal with this is quite unique. According to the big kitchen boss, he deals with staff recruitment problems by getting guys from the ghettos near his factory and give them the job and retain them to what he wants
  • Training duration clearly depends on the learners ability and learning speed.
  • Logistics – product delivery is a big challenge and according to him, he is still looking for a solution to make his customers happy by delivering faster and more swiftly
  • Lack of Patience by customers and order cancellation – some customers want it fast and if they don’t get it instantly, they rain insults and rejects the order.
  • On plans to expand to other states, he said “let your business direct you and not you directing your business” we will expand to other states if the orders from them increase as it did with Lagos.

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The reasons why you should allow your business direct is;

  • If you direct, you will crash
  • As people call you, you can get to know where they are and move accordingly.

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