Top 10 Google Doc Add-Ons You Must Have


Top 10 Google Doc Add-Ons You should Have

Google Doc Add-ons

Gmail users are repeatedly increasing every day. It is the best way of communicating with people related to your profession or friends. Google drive is a great platform for all folks using files, excel sheets, documents etc. This will be a great substitute for your MS office packages such as excel documents, documents, PowerPoint presentation etc. You may not have enough space on your local drive. Google Drive Add-Ons will be a great option for you to transfer your files to your Google Drive. Top 10 Google Doc add-ons you must have-

What are Google Doc Add-Ons?

Google Doc add-ons are tiny software that can help you perform additional functions which ordinarily you may not be able to carry out with your Google Doc alone. Having the right Google Doc Add-ons will help you get better user experience and get better efficiency in whatever you do with Google Doc.

We have taken a timeout to list Top 10 Google Doc Add-Ons to help you get better user experience with Google Doc.

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1. UberConference

Today, every business meeting or interviews require conference facilities. Firms are working globally. As a result, employees are placed in different cities. UberConference is an add-on that will bring conference call to google drive. You can easily add voice to your conversation.

2. Google maps

Today, every corner of the world is within your reach. Google maps are one among such add-ons for google docs that will keep you informed about each single landmark before reaching your destination. The navigation can be kept in your car dashboard while you drive to an unknown location.

3. Google slides

For any type of presentation, google slides will be considered the best. You can go ahead with the pleasure of animation through these slides. The best part is, this add-on of the google doc will be accessible offline.

4. EasyBib

Many people deal with research-based content. It becomes very difficult to manage bibliography. Yes, the citations are a must for all research people. Some universities prefer MLA whereas others wish to get in touch with APA. The easyBib add-ons can help here with all the referencing styles.


If you want to have an access to your favorite website, IFTTT is one of the best options. Creating connection and going through the status updates in social media sites will be quite easier.

6. Hellofax

We all have observed advancement in communication by breaking all geographical barriers. But still, in some organization or many individuals prefers fax. Hellofax is a google add-on through which you can easily send a fax without a fax machine.

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7. PandaDoc

Individual signature is an important element to put a consent. Today, things have become digitized. Everything is more focused with softcopy than the hard copies. How do you think your signature can get established on such softcopies? PandaDoc is an add-on helps you put the snap of your signature on your soft copies with ease.

8. DriveTunes

There are millions of music lovers around the world. You can now add your favorite music in your mp3 or mp4 files. This particular add-on from google will be really advantageous for all music lovers.

9. Mail2Drive

The mail with important documents is precious. People would like to store those emails in the form of word document. The Mail2Drive is one of such Google Sheets Add-ons that can help you move your important email to your Google Drive.

10. MindMeister

We all make use of bullet points as this helps us to focus on key points. This particular Google add-on helps in visualizing the same and this can be done after making the main topic to the header.

Try it today and let us know your experience with them. Also, if you would like add some more better add-on to this list, you’re most welcome to use the comment box below.


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