Earn $3 Per Hour Working from Home – The free Guide

Earn $3 Per Hour Working from Home

Earn $3 Per Hour Working from Home – The free Guide

If you are a stay at home mom, a student, a fresh graduate or just looking for a job, you can join this company and earn $3 Per Hour Working from Home.

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How to Earn $3 Per Hour Working from Home

There are so many companies offering work from home opportunity these days but in this post, I will be discussing a US-based company called Lead Genius.

Lead genius in Summary

Lead genius is a US-based lead generation company which combines the power of machine learning and human researchers. Lead Genius was previously known as mobile workers and it is the first company to set a minimum wage ($3) for its distant workers.

How to Get Started with Lead Genius and Earn $3 Per Hour Working from Home

Lead Genius always hires interested applicants who wish to work with the company from the comfort of their home irrespective of their location in the world provided the applicant can meet some very basic requirements and pass their recruitment test and interview which is conducted online and takes less than a week to complete the entire process.

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Requirements for Lead Genius work from Home

The following are the basic requirements which you must meet/ have to qualify for lead genius work from home opportunity.

  • A working computer with a minimum of 6GB RAM(Laptop or Desktop)
  • A good internet connection with at least 5Mbps speed(Use speedtest.net to check your network speed)
  • Be fluent in English Language both speaking and writing
  • Have a working webcam with a clean visual environment( this is needed for your interview)

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Skills Needed to Work with Lead Genius

As a lead generation company, lead genius requires that applicants have some basic skills and some of these skills include;

  • Know how to do Mail merger
  • Data research skill( good knowledge of Linkedin will help you a lot)
  • Lead Enrichment
  • Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, MS Office and messaging apps (e.g Skype and Hipchat)

How to Apply for Lead Genius

To start your application process, you are can visit the lead genius recruitment page.

How Many Hours Can I Work on Lead Genius?

You are allowed to choose the number of hours you can work per week after your application process. The minimum is less than 20 hours a week and the maximum is 40+ hours a week

How to Get Paid in Lead Genius

Lead Genius pays its workers once every two weeks and payment is made via Paypal or Payoneer.

In conclusion, Lead Genius is tested and trusted as I and some friends have also gone through the recruitment process. While some of us made it to the training phase, others didn’t but you are always allowed to reapply after six months. If you don’t pass the final test after training, you will still get your $75 or more payment depending on how many hours you were active during the training.

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