Zwerl review-What it is and How you can Earn from it Daily

Zwerl review

Zwerl review: What it is and How you can Earn from it Daily

Zwerl is a community of experts who are rewarded for performing different activities such as asking and answering questions, chatting etc

Zwerl review: How Does Zwerl Work?

If you have ever visited, am very sure the concept of Zwerl wouldn’t appear totally strange to you but just in case you haven’t, this review will certainly get you started.

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Unlike Quora, Zwerl reward users who have a solution to different questions ranging from; relationship, dating, shopping, Education, etc for providing answers to questions asked by other users. Every user on Zwerl is called an expert.

How the Zwerl Reward System Works

On Zwerl rewards are based on a rating system where experts vote among themselves at the end of each question and answer section which usually last for ten minutes.

Each logged-in expert can pick a question to answer from the answer tab and provide as many answers as possible within 10 minutes after which he or she can vote for another expert who provided a quality answer to the question and also stand a chance to be voted.

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Outside answering or asking questions, users are also rewarded for chatting with other experts who they added as favorites during the question and answer section.

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How much is the Reward on Zwerl?

Each question and answer section on Zwerl has between $1 to $3 which is divided by the total number of experts answering a question. So you can earn $0.50 for one answer or less for a vote;  it depends on total experts present.

For chatting with your favorites, you earn between $0.04 to 0.10 per message sent via private chat.

You are also rewarded $0.10 or more for your first answer daily.

You can also refer friends and earn $1 per referral who earn 500 points(this takes less than a day to earn for serious people)

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How is the Reward calculated?

Each expert is rewarded according to his/her points(0, 900, 1k, 1m etc). You get 100 points per vote and you can get up to 1k in a day.

How do I receive payment in Zwerl?

Zwerl pays straight to your local bank account or via PayPal and payment is made once in a month between last day of the month to 15th of preceding month provided you’ve earned up to $20.

How to Earn $100 Monthly with Zwerl

  • Join questions with few experts preferable 4 to 6 experts
  • Chat with your favorites regularly and keep the conversation active, long and interesting.
  • Refer interested friends.

Basic Rules on Zwerl

Your account will be suspended if you do the following;

Ask for a person’s phone number on chat, ask someone to favorite you, canvas for a vote, state the amount you’ve earned in chat. Avoid these things and you will continue to earn with Zwerl as long as possible.

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Thanks for reading and happy Zwerlling and earning. Do use my ref link to get started and feel free to leave a comment if you have questions and also feel free to chat me up via WhatsApp +2348183063956 if you used my link.

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