Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Mobile Games Online

Super stickman golf 2

Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Mobile Games Online

The gaming industry has created a great revolution. Not only for the kids, but people of all age group. Today, almost everybody has smartphones. Thus, playing mobile games becomes very easy. Did you hear about the cross platform games? You can play these games on various devices. Players in the group can enjoy different types games with players all over the world.

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List of cross-platform multiplayer games is as follows –

Zynga Poker

1. Zynga Poker –

Social networking has become a must for all. Almost everyone has an account with Facebook. You can play Zynga poker game right on Facebook while chatting with friends. For this, you have to sign in to your Facebook account. You can even involve your family members and friends.

2. Age of defenders –

This is an online game that includes tower defense activity. You have to defend your base from the enemy within the game. There are around six towers in this game.

3. UNO –

UNO is one of the famous online games. Almost everyone has played this game. The good news is the availability of its multiplayer versions. You can also choose a variety of gaming modes.

4. Toss the ball –

This is the game that recreates your memories. You can use the app installed in either your android device or iOS. This is one of the cross- platform multiplayer games with wider satisfaction.

Real racing 2

5. Real racing 2 –

Many of you must be happy to play the arcade games. This is probably one of them with an online presence. There are cars with many brands. You can see the pictures and choose for racing. You get a multiplayer mode to compete with friends.

6. Star legends –

This is also a multiplayer game displayed online. You have to travel throughout the galaxy to play this game. There are weapons and powerful tech to play the game.


7. Scrabble –

This is an interesting online game for all age group. This can be played alone or with the friends in multiplayer form. You can invite friends through Facebook to compete with you.

8. Modern combat 3 –

You can enjoy the pleasure of solo campaign in this online game. There are missions you need to accomplish. Searching and destroying are parts of your activities in this game.

Super stickman golf 2

9. Super stickman golf 2 –

Are you fond of golf games? This is an exclusive game plan you can play online. You can get more tricks as well as hacks of this particular game played online. This can be played in multiplayer form between the android users as well as the apple device users.

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10. Clash Royale –

This game is a mixture between CCG as well as MOBA. The three separate lanes are used to destroy the opponent throne. You can play this multiplayer mobile game easily with your android device. The apple users are also allowed to play it with their iOS devices.


There are many cross platform multiplayer games out there and we have only listed this few to get you started and keep you entertained. Are there cross platform multiplayer games you enjoy that is not listed? Please do us the favour of naming them through the comment section and we will add them in a later post on same topic.

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