Top Productivity Tools to Increase Your Work Efficiency

Efficiency and Productivity

Do you want to be more Efficient at work?

Efficiency and Productivity

The great secret is — everyone can be effective no matter the experience, profession or age. But it can sometimes be hard to deal with everything on your daily platter of tasks. People can give their best, yet the results are not always following. We believe there is a solution to this problem.

When talking about increasing productivity, we simply cannot neglect the positive influence of specialized productivity software. You can find a lot of productivity tools on the internet and some of them are actually really good at making you more efficient by speeding up individual processes.

Therefore, we went on and found 5 pieces of software that can be helpful in solving everyday problems and divided them into 5 main categories. So, without any further adieu…

Trillian  — Instant Messaging

It is necessary to be in constant communication with your colleagues in order to achieve better work results. Enter Trillian, a powerful messaging management tool, designed for all platforms, including Windows, iOS, Linux and Android.

Once you download the app and create an account, you can start connecting all of your IM’s and social profiles. As soon as you hook everything up, you can open up the app and enjoy your new realm of productivity, as it lets you see everything at one place: messages, social updates, news feeds and more.

Top tools for better productivity

As an addition, Trillian comes with a built-in history, which is always useful when you have to dig up older information. This cool app is free to start with, but if you are annoyed by ads, you’re best off with the $20/month license.

Mozy — File Storage

We assume that everyone understands the importance of backing up personal data. It takes a second for your hard drive to crash and all your precious work to be gone. And if you don’t take file backup seriously, the same can happen with your family photos, music albums, project plans or financial documents.

This is where Mozy, an online backup solution, can step in as a safe haven for your files. With this platform, your digital life will always be there, just a click away. In short, Mozy is Dell’s cloud backup service that offers different cloud storage services, depending on your use: either at home or your business.

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File backups are fully automatic and the guys at Mozy are pretty confident that your files will be protected, with the world-class inner cloud system security which is accessible from anywhere. Mozy Home starts from $5,99/month, which has a 50gb file size limit, and that should be plenty to get you started.

Able2Extract — PDF Editing

Able2Extract is a powerful PDF tool that allows you to instantly edit PDF documents. It is developed by Investintech, a company that’s been at the top of PDF market since 2000, so we can safely say it is a reputable piece of software.

Able2Extract has a variety of options that will enable you to edit and convert PDF documents between file formats. It genuinely helps you polish up those boring PDFs and add text, make small corrections or customize the overall visual look (like headings or tables). Other notable features include merging and splitting PDFs, with an emphasis on full user control, all the time.

You can try this tool for free, by downloading the 7-day free trial via the link above. If you find that it helps you in your daily work, the pricing starts at $40/month or $100 for a lifetime license.

Moosti  — Time Tracking

If you are often faced with a feeling that you worked all day but haven’t done anything productive, it’s time to change something. Check out Moosti, a simple time tracker that can instantly boost your work efficiency.

Described as an application that helps you practice the famous Pomodoro Technique, you can use Moosti tool to create your own work schedules and keep your focus on. You can adjust different timers, focus on each task, or take short or long breaks — anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes. When the timer stops, you will get a desktop notification, so you can start working and not waste any more time.

Moosti is available on virtually all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones. There is just one rule — when you start the timer, you can’t pause it. No more daytime snoozing for you.

ProofHub — Managing Projects

Every company needs a proper project management tool. ProofHub is the perfect solution for planning, organizing and implementing projects of all sizes. It is an all-in-one solution in regards to teamwork delivery and mutual task management.

With the right set of tools that ProofHub provides, you can define goals, create strategies, brainstorm and share ideas. Simply, make the best out of your team. It also has an alternative use (similar to Trello) which lets you organize your life in general.

You can create tasks, reports, share files and even personalize your own account. In one sentence — ProofHub provides you with all the powerful features you’ll ever need to make any project an instant success.


With tools like these, you will increase your office productivity and boost your project management skills. The tools mentioned here will make your office work more satisfying, so use them in a smart way and you’ll quickly see your end results skyrocket.

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