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3 keys to skyrocket your Social Media Presence in 2017

The times are changing with great speed, so is the social media and everything around it and in it.

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The post that got you 300 likes yesterday may get you less than a hundred post today which is why there’s no guarantee that the 2017 social media strategy that was so effective at the beginning of this year will still get you the same results at second quarter of this year.

You may ask Why?

And the answer is; Because not a day goes by that there isn’t some new update on one of the networks.

Call it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – you name it. They’re all rolling out new updates daily and trying to keep up with the new trends and advancing technologies.

Yes all these are happening and sometimes they will hit you off balance and you just can’t stop asking yourself what happened, what did I do wrong and all the why’s and what’s with no one to give you that answer you desire.

In this post, we have picked out the 3 things that no matter the number of updates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – you name it, decides to push out this things will never change and they are the 3 keys to skyrocket your social media presence in 2017.

What are these 3 keys to skyrocket your social media presence in 2017?

This 3 keys are hidden in the goal of most social media platforms and this goal is simply to “get you to spend more time on them”.

But how do the achieve this?

Simple: Great Content.

We all want to see entertaining content or something that brings value.

This is why facebook and other social networks are working hard to find what can really keep you coming back on daily bases.

This is also what you have to do to keep your fans coming back to your page or handle on daily bases.

Now that you have a little hint of what we are talking about, there is no need to keep you waiting.

The 3 keys you need to skyrocket your social media presence are;

Popular: Lots of people in your community are talking about them.

Relevant: They relate to you and the peeps in your community.

Recent: They happened today.

Repeat after me: popular, relevant and recent.

Notice these are also the criteria that decide which stories get discussed the most at work, or around any dinner table in any part of the world.

People all over the world are always talking about popular events, relevant stories and recent happenings so making these things a top priority wouldn’t be bad at all infact it will sky rocket your social media status to the next level as people will always visit your wall or page to know more about the trending stories, events and much more and you can in turn sell to them your products and services with less stress.


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