Top 10 tips to get really popular on Instagram

Instagram followers

Top 10 tips to get really popular on Instagram

Instagram is the new cool thing in the market. Although, now it has been very long time since Instagram has been with us but still the popularity is rising and there are many who are joining Instagram every day. The concept of Instagram is really cool and people find it fun and easy to share their photos on the go. It’s this simple yet powerful feature of Instagram which has made millions of people go crazy for it.

Instagram followers

There are many who prefer Instagram over Facebook now. Perhaps all this attention on Instagram has developed a new trend. This hot trend is to increase Instagram followers. Well, getting followers really give us happiness without any doubt but it is not that easy to get these followers. There could be many reasons why you might need more followers on Instagram.

Some of the reasons could be like for your business growth, business awareness or even getting fame and recognition. Well, these three things mentioned above are actually really important but at the same time, it is difficult also. You will get really popular only when people give Instagram Share to your updates. So to increase Instagram share the top 10 tips are here –

Instagram followers


1. Get a public account rather than private one:

Although, this could be very obvious for some but still this need to be mentioned for obvious reasons, you need a public account if you want attention on Instagram. Making your account public will enable everyone to to see your Instagram account and follow you as well. So, you need to make your account public.

2. The hashtag is the soul of Instagram:

This thing called hashtag is the most important thing on Instagram. Actually, Instagram has been designed to use hashtags in a proper way. There are some common hashtags and under that, your photo will be categorized. Your hashtags should be relevant to your image also. Sometimes people use so many popular hashtags but they don’t see the relevance.


3. Regularity should be there:

Yes! Punctuality plays a big role in almost everything. There should not be a very long gap between two uploads. Your followers should not get a feeling that you are not active on Instagram otherwise there is a thing called “Unfollow”.

4. Filters are meant to be used:

The Instagram filters are really cool and they are being used by almost everyone. So do not hesitate to use these filters because these are meant to enhance your photos.

5. Use a collage sometimes:

It is not necessary to upload solo pictures all the time. Just for a change, you can make a collage out of all your favorite pictures.

Instagram followers

6. Know the right time to share:

This really is a big factor. You should know the prime time when most of your followers are active.

7. The Facebook sync:

You should really sync your Facebook with Instagram also because then all your Instagram updates will get attention from your Facebook friends also.

8. Photos with good quality:

Well, now most of us have HD cameras but still, the quality of photos that you’re sharing should be really good.

Instagram followers

9. Follow others to get more followers:

This simple thing works for many users and companies. People usually follow you back if you request to follow them.

10. Comment on the photos:

If you will comment on the photos, then it will automatically give you more presence on Instagram.

With the aim to increase Instagram share, the top 10 tips explained above are really beneficial and should put you in better position to get more followers and share daily.

Thank you for reading our Top 10 tips to get really popular on Instagram, please do check out our other related posts on Instagram and please don’t forget to hit the share button to get more friends to learn about this tips and feel free to leave us a comment if you have questions.

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