5 Powerful Techniques to get massive Followers on Instagram

Link instagram with facebook

5 Techniques to get massive followers and likes on Instagram

Techniques to get massive Followers on Instagram

In the last few years, Social media has gone to its peak when comes to popularity.

A huge number of people are engaged daily on various Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube just to mention few; to keep themselves updated as well as in touch with the latest happening in the world. One such tool as already mentioned above to connect with people is Instagram.

Instagram is more than just a social Networking site, it is a social album with latest pictures of all events around the globe, a game changer in the world of image sharing which is a big deal in the world of social network.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words and maybe that is why Instagram is a very popular social networking medium to share your thoughts with the world in the form of pictures and videos. People nowadays often share their activities, their thoughts on Instagram and this is the reason it has grow with high level of engagement to this level where it stands today.

It will interest you to know that Instagram has over 300 million daily users according to recent reports published in February of this year 2017 which makes it one of the most visited sites in world and a good place to start your social media publicity especially if your brand or startup is into images.

The life is becoming more connected to the social network rather than meeting people in the regular or conventional way. People often like, comment, share pics and videos on Instagram. This has lead businesses, companies and CEO’s as well to share their product on Instagram because money hides where people spend time. For bands, the important thing to keep in mind is how to get popularity for their brand using these social networking tools.

There is quite a method to be in trend on Instagram. Features such as like, comment, share comes to great effect when talking about trending. The logic is simple; more the number of likes or comments on your pic, the more it goes viral.

Haven said that, we now move in to show you some powerful techniques to get more followers and likes on Instagram.

The following are the methods to get likes on your Instagram post –

  • Using the Hashtag (#) Technique

One method to get a massive number of Instagram likes is using hashtag feature effectively. Hashtag provides a good way to get likes as well as comments on Instagram. It can be based on anything such as the subject matter, style of photography etc. But to use it effectively is in user’s hand. The technique is basically to choose the right quality of words that describe your post in a best possible way. Once you have that word or words simply add a hashtag (#) before the word and you are good to go. An example is #Instagram but you are using more than a word, just make sure you start the words with capital letters like, #GetInstagramFollowers.

  • Give and Take Policy –

One more way to get likes is by using the give and take policy. Well, it is simple to understand. Engagement is important in this technique. The more you are engaged, the more viral your pic will be. But for that, you have to do for other people as well what you wish for them. That is you will have to like or comment other people’s pics or videos and in return, they can like yours in return. But this technique is not that effective as it is not possible for every person to do same as fast as you want.

  • Using the photo caption feature effectively-

This feature is quite useful as well in getting likes on your pics. It is simple yet a good way to engage people on your pic. Try as much to write captions that are related to some kind of question. This will make your friends comment on your pic and thus it will make your pic more viral which will result in getting that Instagram likes and more followers.

Link instagram with facebook

  • Link with Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you can actually follow the friends you have on there on Instagram. This is really one very simple way to network without doing anything and your Instagram followers can increase too. Anyone you know on Facebook will follow you on Instagram and their friends or followers can then check your profile out too. This is a great way to increase views, likes, and followers.

  • Use funny Pictures 

Take a break from the official or serious looking images and get some funny looking pictures or gif images and share them with your audience and watch the likes popup from different corners of Instagram as the image speaks a million words this time.

Now that you have this simple to follow tips, am sure you can go ahead and get yourself some good numbers of followers and likes on Instagram.

We hope to hear from you, regarding how effective these tips worked out for you and if you want to add some more which you have tried, please feel free to use the comment box below. Thanks for reading and please share with your friends.


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