10 Most Popular eCommerce Platforms to build your Online Store


10 Most Popular eCommerce Platforms to build your Online Store

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E-commerce is the business of this century, it is the trending deal of the day and everyone is moving their products online because there are millions of people/ prospective buyers online every seconds of the day searching for new products that meets their needs. This is why, you have to also setup an e-commerce platform to reach both your existing and new customers.

People wholly depend on eCommerce stores to buy their products because it saves time and money. Most of the garments and household accessory markets are flooded with the crowd which makes it difficult to make good choice within a short while unlike the ecommerce stores where you can make choices and even save them to show your friends at home before ordering. This is one of the reasons why people have shifted from physical stores to online shopping.

Being an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of this fact. You can easily build an E-commerce Online Store for your existing business and attract lot of new customers and develop even a better way to sell to your existing customers.


This is why we took out time to research some of these eCommerce platforms in other to present you 10 Most Popular eCommerce Platforms to build your Online Store.

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Top eCommerce platform for successful online store –

  • Magento –

Magento is a wonderful platform for the E-commerce business. If you want to make good money with the E-commerce business, Magento is the option with the open source platform. You can get various features with this eCommerce platform such as Free shipping options, Generate a unique coupon codes, Persistent shopping cart, New items promotional tool, etc.



  • Shopify –

This is one of the best shopping cart tools. This is good for small shops or small businessmen. A shopping cart is a tool for online shopping. This targets the maximum population rather than concentrating on a handful of people. This is beneficial over other apps due to its simplicity in the expansion.


  • Zen Cart –

People are too much concerned about the payment gateway. Being the owner of e-commerce website you must ensure that your site has trustworthy payment gateway. The Zen cart is one among such payment gateway that comes with tight security. You can easily avail this.

Zen Cart

  • Woo Commerce –

Do you have a strong hope of your online business success? Woo Commerce is a platform with customizing option. This is a plugin for WordPress free. The installation of the plugin is easy. But, to start a business, you have to incur some bare minimum expenses. You must do this to install this Woo Commerce. There will be a chargeable fee.

Woo Commerce

  • Symphony Commerce –

Not all e-commerce platforms are meant for all. Till now we were discussing on some options that can be used by an individual to start a business. But, this is little different from all of them. Symphony Commerce is for all those who are running an established e-commerce business.

Symphony Commerce

  • Drupal Commerce –

Content management should not be overlooked. For every business, this fact is a must. Drupal Commerce is a well-known open source content management system. You can easily build up a powerful business online. The user can use this easily with the installation.

Drupal Commerce

  • Open Cart –

Are you aiming at selling a wide range of products and services? The Open cart will be a great solution for you. The designing is perfect for the unlimited products online.

Open Cart

  • Volusion –

This is one of the most famous online shopping carts. If you are establishing the online store for the first time, this one will be affordable for you. It has the starter plan of just $15 a month.


  • Wix –

If you are looking for a free service, wix will be your option. This is really having great popularity. The finding is boosted.


  • Squarespace –

This is a website builder with drag and drop option. Today over 1 million users are using this without any second thought.


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Now that you have successfully seen our 10 most popular eCommerce platforms to build your online store, it is time to swing into action and start grabbing the new customers with both hands and generate more profit for your business.

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