Top Negative Impact of Technology on Human Society

Negative Impact of Technology

Top Negative Impact of Technology on Human Society

We are in the 21st century and the rise of science and technology is way too up within the last decade. There is no doubt that technology has played a very important role in almost every field such as Science, Art, Military Services, Sports, Fashion world and much more. But just like a coin has two faces in a similar way if the technology is a boon in some ways it is a curse too in many ways.

Negative Impact of Technology

If we talk about downsides of technology then we can come up with many fields here as well such as the negative impact of technology on society, negative effects of technology on children, negative effects of technology on health and much more. The thing to understand here is why technology is bad for society or what are the effects of technology on society? Well, I am going to tell you about the various negative impact of technology on our human society.

Here are some of the negative effects of technology –

  • Technology makes an individual lazy

Yes, it is true. This must be observed by almost every person in the society. In the earlier days when technology was not so developed, we humans used to do our work on our own and not depending on any other thing. But with the technology taking command, humans started depending on technology to do almost every work. Some of the examples are mobile phones. The mobile phone is a great invention and I also believe that.

Negative Impact of Technology

Since it has cut short the old methods of sending letters for communication. But with the use of mobile phones, the current younger generation is getting way too dependent. Children of 4-5 years old these days use a mobile phone. The adverse effects of using such thing include very chronic diseases such as hypertension, Brain and ear damage, blood pressure and much more. Also, children, these days give more attention to their smartphones that they don’t listen to their parents which again causes a problem.

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Due to this, the environment around the families has gone from happy homes to a house. Also due to technology, it has been observed with a survey which was carried out in a college where it was found that 87.6 % of the people agree that obesity has increased as a result of laziness. This, in turn, will reflect back to the adverse effect of technology because it is the technology that makes an individual lazy and lack of physical activity causes obesity. Thus it is very important to understand this to live a healthy life.

  • Technology Changes the way a Children think

This is very true as well. When technology was not so common, children used to think and use their brain for a longer time to solve a problem. This makes their brain learn new things as well and eventually, it develops some more ways to solve that problem. But now in the similar situation, children just use technology and search the query online to get the solution. This affects in the way children think. Since now he or she knows that they can very easily get the solution online by searching on the search engine so they won’t even bother much to think or even use their brain, This reduces the process of brain development and changes how it works.

Negative Impact of Technology

This thing comes as an adverse effect because children who are good at finding information through online search may become not so good at remembering that information. Yes, you read that right and it’s a fact as well. Also, children who use too much technology for getting many innovative ideas may don’t get enough opportunities to use their imagination. That is why it should be properly taken care that children don’t get much attached to the use of technology every now and then.

  • Technology can put your Privacy and Security at risk

This society is growing at a very faster rate with the technology. The society is made by we people only. Thus anything that happens to our society will be directly linked to us only. That is why when it comes to use of technology there should be a proper parameter set or a barrier being maintained so as to be safe from any privacy risk or security being maintained. The reason for this is that children are not so developed when we talk about the mindset.

Negative Impact of Technology

They are not aware of what things should be posted online and what not. That is why children who use technology may knowingly or unknowingly get you and your society in danger by posting some sort of important information online. Apart from this, it has been observed that sexting is another high-risk behavior of concern. This includes children aged between 14 and 17 that are involved in some sort of nude sexting. That is why it is said to always use technology in a manner that provides good knowledge.

  • Technology changes the way children feel

According to a study, it was observed that children who did not use any electronic device for five days were much better in picking up of emotions and nonverbal cues of photos of faces than the group that used their device at that time. Not only this, one other research that came up with some results revealed that overuse of technology can also affect a child’s own mood.

Children develop a sense of feeling for the non-technology user’s children and thinks in not so well being manner about them. Also, this study has resulted that this overuse of technology can lead to a lack of social skills and emotional reactions among children. That is why it must be taken care of that children are not getting much exposure to technology at a very early age.

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At last, to sum up, I can say that using technology is not a bad habit. But if it did for a long time or the use becomes over used then it would affect the life of every individual living in the society. So for living a healthy and fruitful life, one should make sure to use technology in a limited manner.

We have taken time to highlight some negative effects of technology on the society and most of the point mentioned are directed towards children because they are the future of the human race but is but this is no different for adults as technology have increased the number of fraud, Porn sharing and much more so as you keep track of your kids activities online, you should also try to reduce the way you use your gadgets because the kids are watching.

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