The Best Security Plugins Available For Woocommerce

Best Security Plugins Available For Woocommerce

Top Security Plugins Available For Woocommerce


Security Plugins Available For WoocommerceThe most targeted websites regarding hacking are the business or the digital stores because they are often less secured. Most of the digital stores are build on WordPress with WooCommerce as the e-commerce plugin.

Developer building e-commerce websites often face the questions on the security of WordPress and WooCommerce. And it’s a very crucial element that you cannot ignore.

Managing an online business require a lot of things. New products will get add to your website as the company grows, you also need to fix bugs and the marketing activities on the site. And one among the prime most things to always ensure everything is fine is security.

WordPress and WooCommerce are although built-in with safety measures. However, additional security plugins for them can fill the required gap. 

WooCommerce is targeted mostly as in the eCommerce market it holds a high share of 20%. The market share and hacking go hand in hand, higher the market share it is, more the chances of it to get hacked. To work on hard security measures, you must use strong passwords that must follow the password guidelines; you can also use the built-in feature of WordPress 4.3 that generates strong passwords for users. Always keep your plugins and themes updated with updating WordPress to the core. Use server level security for your website; the shared hosting environment is cheap, but it does not provide enough security options. SSL certificates are a priority. Users exchange sensitive information on eCommerce platforms; adding SSL certificates ensure that the information passes over an encrypted channel.

Implement individual plugins for security, backup, and restoration on WooCommerce. These plugins must automatically backup and restore, scan for any suspicious activity on the server or the website, check for spam in comments. WooCommerce is customizable to a plenty of plugins; the write-up features the best plugins for backup, restoration and security – Akismet, Wordfence Security, UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration, VaultPress and BackupBuddy.

  • Akismet – Akismet is a spam filtering service, it filters the spams from comments, trackbacks, and contact form messages. Akismet checks the comments posted by the visitors against the Akismet Web Service to see if they are spam. Each comment can be verified in the comment history to know if a moderator or Akismet spammed it. With discard feature, you can also completely remove a comment. You can use Akismet by API Key; this key is essential to link with the Akismet servers. Akismet Basic are available for free, but for business and eCommerce it is highly recommended to use premium, starts at $5.


  • WordFence Security – WordFence Security is a powerful security plugin for your WooCommerce Website. It is equipped with regularly updated Threat Defense Feed. WordFence automatically blocks an IP address that tries to access a site in a wrong manner. It suspends the fake Google Crawlers, the robots that try to capture your content or scan your website for a hole to hack. It continuously monitors login activity. It locks the users who try to log in many times, one who tries using forgets password form many times or one who uses an invalid username. WordFence checks the passwords are strong enough, and also scan the comments, report them spam containing malware. WordFence hourly runs a scan for the website, the core files, themes, the plugins, and the entire Domain Name System.


  • UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration – One of the most popular backup and restoration plugin, quickly and automatically it creates the backup of the blogs, the files, and the database. You can store Backups on Web servers, cloud storage mediums such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc. It saves storage space instead of creating separate copies of backup you can overwrite the older backups, it even backups non-WP files and databases. With UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration you can even clone your website and run to a new domain. It starts at $95.

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  • VaultPress – VaultPress a robust backup service, it automatically backup your site in real time. It stores backups on the same servers as the site, which makes it very reliable to use. It regularly scans the website for any threats, malware, and checks for spam in the comments. You can also restore the backups automatically in few minutes from web servers. It notifies to fix if it finds any bugs, malware, or any dangerous threat. A hassle free solution it serves a great tool for the safety of an eCommerce.
  • BackupBuddy – BackupBuddy is a secure and flexible plugin created by iThemes for WordPress. It is a pretty great thing to utilize for your website. It efficiently maintains your backup file of the site. With this Schedule regular backups of your site, on purchasing this plugin you get 1GB of Stash Storage where you can keep copies of backup. It also comes with a fantastic restoration feature that lets you replace any file with an updated backup file. Other alluring features are email notification on completion of backup, free and regular malware scans, great plugin support, repair the database, and provide interactive sitemaps.

Wrap Up

Anything can happen to stop the continuous flow of a website, it may crash or it may get hacked. It is always necessary that as a developer, you implement the crucial security plugins for the website to keep it in the flow.

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Ankur Purohit is working with Baymediasoft – a renowned WordPress Web development company that emphasizes the website designing and development services. He loves sharing information regarding mobile app development and Custom WordPress development.

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