What Next After P-Yes Recruitment 2019?

What Next After P-Yes Recruitment 2019

What Next After P-Yes Recruitment 2019?

Did you apply for P-Yes Recruitment 2019? if yes, then read this post to find out what happens next after the presidential youth empowerment scheme recruitment 2019.

What Next After P-Yes Recruitment 2019

The first thing, every P-yes applicant should know about the presidential youth empowerment programme is that all activities for the scheme are closed till after the presidential elections which hold on the 16th February 2019. After the election, the activities will resume. But just in case you are wondering what to expect after the election, here are other possible things to expect.

P-Yes Recruitment 2019 beyond Presidential Election 2019

After the presidential election, all major event is expected to kick start after the handover events which is expected to hold in May 2019, after that, applicants are to expect the following;

  • List of Pre-selected applicants for P-Yes recruitment 2019
  • Screening of the P-yes Pre-selected candidates and finally,
  • The final list of selected candidates for P-yes recruitment

Startup Date for P-Yes Training 2019

Although no definite date is given for the commencement of the P-yes training, from my calculations, after the entire recruitment process, we are expecting that the training proper will start sometime in June all things being equal.

Three Things You Must Do Stay Informed on P-yes

As we continue to wait for the list of shortlisted candidates for P-yes recruitment 2019, here are three things you should do to stay informed;

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