5 Jobs For Getting Your IT Career Started

Getting Your IT Career Started
5 Jobs For Getting Your IT Career Started

5 Jobs For Getting Your IT Career Started

5 Jobs For Getting Your IT Career Started

More and more people in Nigeria switch to IT from other careers, but being a beginner in the IT industry isn’t always easy. Find out which 5 jobs you can choose from if you want to become an IT professional and find thousands of latest IT jobs in Nigeria on Jiji: https://jiji.ng/computing-and-it-jobs.

1. Account manager

The job of an account manager in IT may not be as filled with exciting technology challenges as you’d want, but instead, it gives you something even more valuable: an ability to see how an IT business works from every angle. As an account manager, you will communicate with customers and your co-workers every day to satisfy both sides and get priceless IT experience in the process.

2. Graphic designer

Graphic designer is a modern dream job in IT for anyone with an artistic talent. It doesn’t matter if you have art education in your background or you’re a self-taught graphic designer: if you have great artistic skills, a good taste in media, and can work equally well independently or as part of a team, you will receive a warm welcome in any IT company. There you’ll design ads, logos, packaging, and anything else where your artistic expertise may be needed.

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3. Web developer

There are hundreds of new websites appearing on the internet every day, and there is always a team of web developers behind every URL in the address bar. Web development is a very diverse IT field that has numerous subdivisions, but the easiest way to enter the web development industry is through HTML and CSS. They are pretty simple to learn and give you a good basis for mastering more complex programming languages.

4. Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing manager is a relatively new IT field that you can’t learn at colleges and universities yet. This is what makes good digital marketing specialists even more valuable! To get an entry-level job in digital marketing, you need to have outstanding skills in social media marketing, search engine optimization, and everything it takes to help your company achieve the desired image online and establish an excellent internet presence.

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5. IT support analyst

IT support is another great way to get your start in the IT industry. An entry-level job in this field doesn’t require a degree – you just need to have expert-level computer skills and a desire to help others. Your job will be to consult your co-workers and company customers who are having trouble using any IT products, which means that troubleshooting and communication skills are a must.

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