The 3 Deadly Questions You Failed to Ask Yourself


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As we go through life every day we meet too many questions and provide answers to those we think are important and skip the rest maybe because we don’t have answers to them at the moment or because we just think they are not necessary and by so doing we sometimes ignore the most important questions and fail to provide answers to them.

What are some of this questions we often neglect?

The 3 Deadly Questions You Failed to Ask Yourself
The 3 Most Deadly Questions You Failed to Ask Yourself

The first and the most important one is;

Who am I?

This is a question almost every human being alive must  have to answer but most people go through life without answering this one in a million question that presents its self in several ways.

The funny thing about this question is the fact that no one can answer the question for you because no matter how close you are or get with your friends and family there are certain things they will never get to know about you and sometimes you may also be surprised at the things you do that you ask yourself “did I really do that?”

So to answer this question you really need to do some homework to master yourself so you can really say this is who I am because if you fail to provide answers people will help you fill the blank spaces with whatever they think is the right answer.


What do I want?

This second question has to do with too many things and different people have written books, blog post etc to discuss the topic but then, you have the last answer to this question because what you decide to do with your life is absolutely your business although people who care about you and those you care about will always try to influence what you think and how you think you really want to go about your life but at a point in life you just need a little greed to make the right decision also the earlier you understand that the majority is not always correct the better your chances of  figuring out what you really want.

Finally don’t always accept what other people think you want but find that which your heart desires most and go for it.


What does it take to get it?

This question is the easiest of all because when you already know who you  are and what you want, your goal is already defined and now the next thing would be how to get that which you know you want of course you are not hunting stars anymore so it can only get easier but that doesn’t mean that you can fold your hands and let the question answer itself no! it doesn’t work that way.

For you to get what you really want, you will need a master plan which for sure should include; meeting the right people, developing the right mindset, setting up deadlines, flexibility etc.


Now that you have come to know the deadly questions you have failed to ask yourself,  it is important that you make conscious efforts to improve yourself awareness so as to provide positive answers to the above questions.



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